This might be interesting. Last year at Blogging While Brown I presented the technical keynote along with my very close friends Luvvie Ajayi and Adria Richards. You may know Luvvie from our podcast Ratchet And The Geek.

This is a 1 hour video of our keynote explaining how to effectively manage your personal brand online.

The audience was filled with bloggers of all interests. Tech, Culture, Social Justice, Entertainment, Cupcakes (yes!), Yoga, Green Lifestyles and hundreds more. Luvvie, Adria and I have three very different online styles but each is effective in its own way. We combined what we learned into what we think is an edutaining and useful talk.

Together we discussed how to effectively present a clear Voice online, how your Medium affects your Message. We explore different ways to Reach and audience, but then how to reach them in an authentic way. Then we cover consistent Visuals and what Results look like.
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