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I'm almost done with an automated process that generates async versions of all members of all assemblies of all known reference assemblies and portable profiles.

Additionally, it knows about the old async pattern as well as the new xxAsync convention, so you only see one version of those.

Example: you have a stream, you want to read async:

await stream.Async().Read(buffer, offset, count);

And the call would be the same regardless of target platform (I.e. you don't need to be on the. Net 4.5 version, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh137813.aspx )

And it's just one nuget for each assembly, like System.Async, mscorlib.Async, etc.

Is this useful at all? I think it's cool since it brings old APIs to the new async era too, like

var doc = new XmlDocument();
await doc.Async().Load(uri);

What do you think? Wasted time?

/from Nexus 4
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