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I'm surprised more people don't dig Razor by itself. (ASP.NET Web Pages) 

Every time I find myself doing little sites (under a dozen pages) I find Web Pages to be SO easy. Just a CSHTML and a Web.config, maybe a .SDF database, use Git to deploy to a free Azure instances and boom. I've got both thisdeveloperslife.com and ratchetandthegeek.com running on Razor, as well as SpeakingHacks.com, SmallestDotNet.com and a bunch of other sites up this way. Super easy.

Am I alone? I don't feel the need for a whole ASP.NET site with Tests and stuff for sites like this.
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Hadn't realised that you could get free Azure instances, that's good to know!
Also hadn't considered .SDF databases as well! I'd designed my site with an SQL Express DB without really thinking, but I'd need to pay to host that (I think). Its such a simple thing that an SQL CE Database would easily suffice.

Thanks +Scott Hanselman you've made my very bootstrapped startup much simpler to come to life with that last post!
How do you get free Azure instances?
Are there any projects yet/tutorials to get Razor, or something similar, available with Node.JS?  I started working on a project this weekend and Node is fine but holy crap view engines available are the worst compared to Razor.
Yeah, for small sites Razor is great. Really quick and easy to get something working.
I LOVE RAZOR!  I dig it and the simplicity of ASP.NET Web Pages.  Interestingly enough, the convergence of Razor, ASP.NET Web Pages, and Mobile have increased my interest in MVC.  I think all of these technologies help each other grow and improve.
ServiceStack also supports this style of "Just Razor" development with its No Controller / No Ceremony option with direct access to IOC, Db, etc in Razor views, auto-pretty urls and convention-based cascading Layout templates: http://razor.servicestack.net/
I'll admit ignorance (and eager giddiness on this one). Is there a special project in VSMMXII that allows you to do the basic razor site with no backend underpinnings. Or do you just start a fresh MVC project and work strictly with views?
I used it for templating when I had to do some document / email / letter (sic!) generation.
Simple and you get intellisense / resharper support.
+Dan Booth Thanks! I'll have to check that out. I bet there's something similar for 2012 too.
Check the source for the ThisDevelopersLife.com website on my github.
I'm to a point where I just do webforms with aspx so I can use c# and [WebMetbod] behind for really fast and easy data, served up to my Javascript on the front end.

Simple and quick, at least for the small solutions. 
I love Razor.  This weekend I am uploading a Risk Mgmt App using MVC and Razor syntax.
Looks like signing up with Windows Azure is a bit of a pain. You get a free trial (which I cancelled cause I don't ever plan to pay). Then I don't have a subscription so it won't let me create a site. However, I don't want to make a site where I'll ever have to pay anything. Help?
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