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Do Share is more than just a Google Plus post scheduler

Created by* +Tzafrir Rehan* Do Share is a nifty little tool albeit with limitations.  The main one, you have to be logged into Google Plus and have Chrome open.  Enough of the downs lets look at the ups.  The UI is clean, uncluttered and creates a space that encourages you to write.  The addition of a small tool bar with Bold - Italics - Strikethrough beats Google Plus with its _ * commands.  A basic tool bar on Plus is a feature request that I want.

 Of course one issue that haunts tools like Do Share, Hootsuite and Cotweet is the artificiality of it all. Is it all a bit how can I say it? well microwaved.  You are preparing posts like ready meals and leaving out the spontaneity ingredient.  Myself, I post to Google Plus off the cuff but if I want to be spontaneity I jump in and comment on people posts. That is how I ride the Google Plus wave but when I am posted fresh updates I like the option of a tool like Do Share. I could use Hootsuite for the same task but Do Share is small and targeted at what I want to do. On a practical level +Stefan Svartling thinks the scheduling feature of Do Share will help him get his posts out for his American followers.  Stefan is in Sweden and it would be fair to say a sizable chunk of Google Plus users are in the America.  So scheduling far from being tactical is being considerate to those in different time zones.
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Do Share looks very useful. I don't use Chrome much though.
I think you're so spot on with the word 'microwaved' that it really hit my gut. This is simply genius: "You are preparing posts like ready meals and leaving out the spontaneity ingredient."

On the other hand, a microwaved meal every now and then is not going to harm anyone... I think it's down to not overdoing it, like most things in life. In fact, just use the microwave when very hungry and the clock is ticking on. It'll do exactly what you need it to do.

Personally I use for scheduling tweets, but I use it only for my quotes. Everything else is done in 'real' time (which means mostly interaction). Hootsuite is just 'there' if I need it (I keep the window open) - it's more the sense of security it 'seems' to give me (I might need it at any moment now!) than the actual use of it.

I am trying do-share because I need to leave very early in the morning and I'd like that particular post to go live around 2-5pm (UK time). Is this a 'bad thing'?

Nah. It really is simply practical.

Having said that I'll never forget my bitter disappointment when I found out celebrities where not 'really' posting on their twitter feeds there and then, on the spot; which took away from the experience the whole 'point' of it all!

Thanks for your post. That's how I found out about the tool. +10
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