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Shakespeare's Monologues
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Of the Day: King Henry|Verse

For all the world, As thou art to this hour was Richard then

Henry IV i | III ii 96 | http://MonosBy.WS/henryIViM
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Of the Day: Edgar | Prose

A servingman, proud in heart and mind

King Lear | III iv 73 | http://MonosBy.WS/mkingLear #shakespeare #acting
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Of the Day: Antony | Verse

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now

Julius Caesar | III ii 148 | http://MonosBy.WS/mCaesar

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Of the Day: Clifford |Verse

My gracious liege, this too much lenity

Henry VI iii | II ii 11 | http://MonosBy.WS/HenryVIiiiM

#monologue #acting
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Of the Day: Capulet | Verse

God's bread, it makes me mad!

Romeo & Juliet | III v 190 | http://MonosBy.WS/randjM #ShakespeareSunday
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Of the Day: Trinculo | Prose

Here's neither bush nor shrub to bear off any weather

The Tempest | II ii 23 | http://MonosBy.WS/tempestm
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Of the Day: Mistress Quickly | Prose

Marry, this is the short and the long of it

Merry Wives | II i 32 | http://MonosBy.WS/WMWOW #acting
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Of the Day: Kate |Verse

Fie, fie! unknit that threatening unkind brow

Taming of the Shrew | V ii 54 | http://MonosBy.WS/shreww #shakespeare
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Of the Day: Queen Margaret | Verse

Can you not see? or will ye not observe

Henry VI ii | III i 6 | http://MonosBy.WS/WhenryVIii #monologue
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Of the Day: Isabella | Verse

Could great men thunder

Measure for Measure | II ii 137 | http://MonosBy.WS/wm4m #monologue #acting
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Of the Day: Joan | Verse

Assign'd am I to be the English scourge

Henry VI i | Verse | http://MonosBy.WS/WhenryVIi #monologue #acting
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Of the Day: Ophelia | Verse

O my lord, my lord, I have been so affrighted!

Hamlet | II i 87 | http://MonosBy.WS/Whamlet #monologue #acting
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