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San Francisco Track and Field Club
Dignify and promote LGBT athletes through track and field.
Dignify and promote LGBT athletes through track and field.

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20 weeks till Gay Games 9 track and field competition opens in Akron, and the team members are slowly changing gears at the Sunday practice. As we start to focus on event specific practice, we are diverting from a single training program to multiple programs. Today, after the warm-up drills,... Continue reading at

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It's been a while since we had a large weekend team track practice like today. When we have a beautiful weekend, it is often difficult to gauge how many people will show up at the practice. A small group due to last-minute Sunday brunch invitations? Or, a large group due to people's heightened... Continue reading at

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It would have been three weeks in a row to have a rainy Sunday morning if last night rain lingered. But it didn’t, and boy, did it turn out to be a beautiful morning! This totally made our practice, and it showed on everyone’s face. In addition to the great weather and happy faces, we had a couple of new athletes joined the practice today: Shannon and Jorge. They both did track in the past, and we could tell. We would love to have them come to our practice regularly.

The track and grass were still wet from last night’s rain, and it totally made our wet shoes squeak while running. After the warm-up drills, we had everyone do 2 x 450m and 4 x 250m at 50% to 75% effort. Last 50m was meant to train everyone’s mental strength, as well as physical endurance. Great running, everyone! See you next week.

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Winter Olympics Games are well under way, but here is an exciting news from indoor track and field circuit. New world record in pole vault by Renaud Lavillenie! The 20-year-old record had been held by Sergey Bubka. Wow!

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San Francisco Track and Field Club members braved the stormy weather to support International Rainbow Memorial Run. #rainbowrun #gaygames

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International Rainbow Memorial Run for Cleveland+Akron
As posted earlier in social media websites, members of San Francisco Track and Field Club braved the stormy weather to support the Rainbow Run coordinated by San Francisco Frontrunners. We met at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park and ran to the Kezar Stadium with a brief stop at AIDS Memorial for a moment of…

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Congratulations! France's Renaud Lavillenie became the No. 2 vaulter in history. Very nice. Great jump, too!
Renaud Lavillenie 6 08m Bydgoszcz Pedro's cup 2014, 2nd best vaulter of ever!!

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Join "To Russia with Love"
Our fellow athletes in NY kicked off an awesome project. Join the cause and make your run count!

Early season track workouts
Though the weather looks like it is ramping up pretty fast and nicely, we are intentionally taking it slow this year, in terms of track workouts, because we want to peak in August and do well then. We are spending more time on warm-ups and drills and building our base that can take harder workouts later in the season without getting injured. In the early season track workouts, the focus is on bringing our form and technique back in slower and less intense exercises.

Continuing what we started last week, we, sprinters, mid-distance and non-decided, all did a pyramid workout in about 50% effort. One set of 600m – 400m – 200m – 400m – 600m, with a 5-minute break between. After that, we did 6 x 100m striders before we ended the team practice. The practice took just about 2 hours. Good job, everyone.

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2014 track and field meet schedule
As track and field season gets in full gear, track and field meet schedule is shaping up pretty fast this year. Most of us are focused on Gay Games this year, but there will be plenty of local, regional and national track and field meets before then, and those are great places to practice your event strategies (pacing, block start, etc.), conditioning (diet, rest, etc.) and preparation (equipments, packing, warming up, etc.).

So, here are some of the track and field meets we’ve competed in the past and their schedule for 2014. Mostly local San Francisco Bay Area meets, but there are a few that are outside Bay Area. Our own Pride Track & Field Meet is not included below. As soon as we finalize the plan, we will keep you all posted.
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