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This Micro-Algae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree!

French biochemist Pierre Calleja has invented this impressive streetlight that is powered by algae which absorbs CO2 from the air. 

It takes out 1 ton (!) of CO2 per year. This is as much CO2 as as a tree absorbs on average during its entire life.
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I'll take 4 so I can do my part.
I love the idea, but the more I think about it, the more holes I see.  

For starters, where it all the carbon collected?  If the CO2 is being broken down and the oxygen released, the carbon must remain in solid, disolved, or organic form.  Even if the carbon becomes part of the algae itself, the algae must eventually be disposed of - and not by decomposition or incineration since that would just re-create the CO2.

As for a light source, this would seem to provide decorative illumination at best.  The intensity needed for street lights (or most useful lighting) must be higher, and more stable.  It would be hard to control the light intensity of such a complex system throughout its lifecycle.  

I do really like the idea of using organic systems to re-capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but a practical solution is unlikely to be as cool-looking as this.
If it takes out a tonne per year, it must there fore increase in mass by a tonne per year. Or at the least, 330kg if the Oxygen is released. That's still an incredible increase of mass to deal with...
+Austin Arrowsmith I don't think it works that sure you your self eat thousandsof pounds of food per year...yet you do not weight thousands of pounds. I would suspect much of the CO2 is converted into energy and lost as light in the end. I get your point though, and would be interested to know how much growth hate to have something like this in my home and have it take over ina  year or two.
HE SEEMS TO BE CRAZY. In which MENTAL HOSPITAL does he live in?
Keith Achorn
+casey anderson - There is am important omission in your comparison though.  We do eat thousands of pounds of food per year, but most of it is converted to sewage.  Similarly, the algae must either dispose of the excess carbon, or integrate it into themselves.  Either way, the carbon must be removed from the system periodically.  At an industrial scale, the collection and disposal may be efficient enough to be worth the effort.  But at the scale of these 'lights', it would probably be too much trouble.
i want this to be mass produced in indonesia!
well.. that is good for whole world...
Algae is like a plant, it takes in CO2 and outputs O2. This conversion does denote some increase in biomass. Please pick up a book people or use Google :) Some issues I can see is lack of surface area for said conversion and odor. A metering system could be utilized to keep our green friend in check in regards to growth. Idk its 4 am going back to bed. 
I love how, in almost all "saving the planet" posts, there are people who argue against the technology, in an almost "let's not do it at all because it has one or two shortfalls" kind of way. You mention wind power, people  mention base loads and think that either we go totally wind power, or we just don't do it at all.
How many tons of CO2 will be released in to the atmosphere when the case and housing of these algae lamps are made on an industrial scale, I wonder?

It's an interesting idea and a promising hint at the future, but I doubt it's viable in its current form.
It seems to me that there must be some sort of downside. 
Love it! But how efficient a device when the end to end costs (build, use, disposal) are included. 
looks good man can u make smaller 4 home

Take my country's money and give us some :D
+Michael Richter  - When one converts CO2 -> O2, the C does not simply disappear or become energy.  It accumulates in the system and must be removed eventually.

+David Gray - In case your comment is directed at me, I completely support the concept here - just not this implementation.  I think the idea of using organic matter to sequester carbon is promising, and could perhaps be even better by introducing some genetic modifications.  And In general, I do support the use of technology to combat climate change.  As a mechanical engineering student, I supplemented my degree with graduate courses and a thesis on solar energy technology.  I then worked for several years as a nuclear engineer because of my support for its carbon neutrality.  I now walk or bike to work every morning so I could cut family's car needs down to one.  If this scientist is developing these 'lights' to help develop the technology further, then I wish him the best.  But in its current state, the product itself is far from practical.

That is the gift of god which i have learned as a kid in school and aswell in my culture. So all of the children from christian education system get by this a boost in science faith after reading this and i would like to see it in the market for us all and mother earth's sake.
I for one, could never really trust the claims of a garlic munching, cheese eating surrender monkey. 
one good way to balance the equation CO2 -> O2 + C would be to photosynthetically generate the tetrahedral form of C.  lol.
What if this stuff gets into the environment and has a runaway mutation eventually sucking up all the co2?!!!
We can't live in such an oxygen rich environment.
We would need to start producing co2 factories!

We need to destroy this idea and wipe it from our minds. Find the scientist that came up with the idea, sterilise him then burn him before we end up with a weirdly glowing green planet.
+casey anderson we've not quite got mass to energy conversion down yet. The point is that the carbon has to go somewhere. You end up needing to get rid of 300kg of algae every 9 months
Chris K
20 times the amount of what? Cannabis ha ha ha
send millions of these to afghanistan
haha y u want to send to afghanies
And when it doesn't get enough CO2 .... It hunts in the airconditioning ducts 
Great! I believe one day science will solve many ecological problems of today.
wow ! Impresive. But since its drawing more co2 than trees.aint trees affected because they are many?
A good idea. I'm sure it's not perfect. So let's ditch it right away, continue waging wars, building factories, burning coal, and driving our cars 2 blocks down the road for a gallon of milk. And yes, cannabis produces more O2 than trees until you put it in your hand blown bong and smoke it. 
It looks likes something Snooky would drink! 
Nice one at the same time where that collected co2 going to dump or incinerated again it produce co2.
” matter can be neither created or destroyed”
That's such a good innovation! Visionary!
good invention ..... but where will the co2  go ??
+Todd Steif Cannabis is a wonder cure and better to make a tincture and eat a drop of it three times a day. Yes smoking is popular but as a building material it is extraordinary "Save a tree"
BIG UP ! For this 1 ...... Massive Respeckt ! 
Ah but does it convert the CO2 to oxygen like a tree?
Utter nonsense to say that a tree absorbs lesd than a ton of CO2 in its lifetime. Where in God's name did you hear that? Drivel.
dont ave a clue wat it is but it looks EPIC!!!
Well, calculating how many trees we have left on Earth is impossible, but you can come up to a fairly rough approximation - and I believe it's somewhere in the 4 billion range, on the remaining (though rapidly shrinking) 3.9 billion hectares that are woodland. We're down to less than 30% of the Earth's surface of woodland. Compared to that, one lamp does not a functional biosphere make. There is probably some gotcha to this anyway that will make it nothing more than an interesting tidbit that we can file away under "wacky inventions".
Won't that mean you've got to pull 1+ton of waste algae out of the thing every year?
@Randy Williams 'but can be converted from one harmful form to a less harmful form' !
Where does the removed CO2 go though? Tree turns it into tree trunks, but what will algae turn CO2 into?
What happens when they have to renew the algae because it is fully saturated.If it is tipped out ,thrown to sea or burnt . Someone said matter cannot be created or destroyed ..So guess where the Co2 will go,--- back into the atmosphere.
Least comparable with a tree.
Man has yet to find a way to creat matter from nothing.  Until that happens every action has a result which uses something to make something.
 The carbon we are producing by burning fossil fuels was created by a similar process millions of years ago.
 The success of technologies like this is based on how many helpful transitions the mass can be lead through before a negative impact is felt. Of course profit plays the largest part as no one is going to invest is technolgy that costs them money.
 When corporations and individuals have more money than some countries and only use it to seek more wealth then study into these fields will crawl. I wonder what his funding budget was for a year compared to the cost of oil exploration in the artic.  
 The more we consume old carbon the more our enviroment will change in ways we don't like. Carbon with a shorter life cycle avoids this trap and maintains a stable human friendly enviroment.
I assume that it will cost $15k some Government can sign a big contract to keep these up and running..and in Winter they die off or something...   We could probably just plan 15K trees and be better off...      
Combine this technology for CO2 concentrating from atmosphere with the nickle precipitation technique to put it into form of carbonate or chalk which is stable and a way to restore sky to 280ppm CO2 could be achieved..  However speed of events in the Arctic with CH4 release and human habit and hostility to change dictated by science may NOT timely advancement of technology adoption at scale and condemn Earth to enter full blown CH4 Runaway Greenhouse.
+John Steeves There is a carbon tax payable here by the large companies who produce this co2.  The best way for them to avoid payment is update and minimise co2 that should reduce the gas production a bit
This has amazing possibilities.
Could we not burn the collected carbon for energy in some kind of biomass powerplant. Yes it would add that carbon back into the atmosphere but it would mean that we wouldn't be producing additional carbon, it would be part of a cycle.
wow, that does have amazing possibilities.......
Brilliant, I hope this guy is up for a Nobel..
Isn't this how the movie "The Blob" started!? lol. Joking aside I do like it, quite innovative
that would be nice in any downtown apartment,in a big city.
It would be nice if they make diamonds out of CO2, since diamonds compose of carbon atoms. This invention would be a great CO2 collector.
Adam B
sure it removes CO2, but does it produce Oxygen like a tree does?  That is the question.
Please how do i get a sample in my country, Nigeria. I want be a major distributor/marketer of this great invention. Please email me( because i want to start the advert on media as fast as possible.
Let's feed the increased algae to pigs.
so what your saying is to get rid of trees in buildings for this... not cool bro
Where does the electricity to power this device come from? How much CO2 does it take to provide that electricity? What is the process of cleaning up the excess algae produced over a period of time? Are this algae safe for humans, if they come in physical contact? For instance, if someone breaks the glass. What is the cost of this unit? How does it compare to have a tree itself instead of this? The answers to all this and more actually defines practicality and viability of this innovation. 
wow..this is awesome..could help a long way at reducing Green house effect of excessive co2 in our atmosphere
The trees of the future. sadly this great invention will most likely bring about the deforestation of our world. Enjoy the trees while you can guys, they are not long for the earth.
The scarlet beast has seven heads and ten horns.(Revelation 17:3)
Ten horns interpret very good things for human being. But , we can see about  its original aims by  observing the layer of ozone of the world.
+Keith Achorn this wasn't directed at you (apologies if you thought it was), it was more of an overview of "green" posts I've seen. In many cases, people are totally against the idea because of a shortcoming (e.g. it'll cost too much. Let's not do it!), instead of a cautious "let's improve it a little first" sort of thing like you were talking about.
+David Robertson  That was what they said about the north american Buffalo my friend. where are they now? 
It's simply a great invention & Govts must use it to get rid of pollution.
So how are we going to fight off the new ice age without CO2?
I knew that if I waited long enough my swimming pool would be good for something.
I went out to get a whiff of fresh oxygen but the smell gagged me before I got within 100'.
Keep the new stuff coming weird science guys.
So as we all know accidents happen, if it broke what then? If it gets on you or your doggy gets a sip will this be a 911 call.
  Thing is we want to be safe but then we are not told of the after effects like them new drug commercials are doing. This or that will happen to ya know what I mean.
Why does it have a plug going to the electrical outlet? 
S dat replacement 4 trees???????
Why would they do that if it has to do with trees?
Good job I need toknow hows work 
It's green in more than one way huh, get it, huh, huh!?
Great idea.I hope trees are here to stay but no-one can for see our future.
It's just a big messy fish tank!  Whoops, that reminds me, gotta clean my tank!
Don't forget that a tree also produces oxygen in return.
+Chuck Sak looks to me the plug is going to the box behind him on the floor
Now that looks like smart science! Dump the cancer charities , put the money there!
Ah very true, but it doesn't give off light ;)
Alex W
All bioelectric output is routed back to the AIs at Google to moderate G+ discussion about said CO2 converters. Zero sum.
The idea is good. And as most new ideas they're not perfect in the beginning. Like airplanes.

If they say 1000kg. This will not actually create 1ton of waist or 1t algee. ⅔ will be O².. ⅓ as waist. So as some one wrote you will have 300kg to get rid of.. 25kg per month or more exactly 1kg per day. That's like one package of milk per day.

The question is.. Is there an algee that need C for something else?
What do we need to combine this with something that will create a molecule that we actually need in our home.. . Big fat one with many C..?

It is great invention. It may be of great help for minimizing vehicular pollution especially in metro cities.
All life on this planet needs a bit of co2 in the air, even us humans need it to drive our respiratory process. Plants keep the oxygen and the co2 in perfect proportions. Putting up devices like these is good but these are more likely to mess up the balance of gases in the air.
This idea is very good!  This will really help out the environment.
Luka R
Nice.... But does it produce O2 like the tree does though? 
This is an idea to correct mess up created by our civilization.
One factor most people forget to include when discussing "green" technology is the amount of CO2 emitted during manufacturing. Its hard to tell from the picture but if the cylinder is glass, and the stand is steel, and the stand is painted...well you get my point.The amount of energy to gather the raw materials, to heat up and melt the glass, to forge the steel, and then to ship the product to market adds up quickly. This doesnt even consider the algea cultivation process (which i know nothing about and cant comment).  I believe products that claim to save energy or green house gasses should be required to be labeled with the time it takes to become carbon neutral. That is, how much time would be required for this lamp to operate to collect all the CO2 that was emitted during its manufacturing. For solar cells, how much time to pay back the energy used to create them, etc. etc. etc. I'm not discrediting this idea, i think its a fantastic concept, but lets do all the math before we start demanding these in our lives.
That's amazing. Thanks to Pierre for this invention. Hopefully it will be mass market soon.
Where is the link to the original post? I'd like more details.  

As with anything in our universe, there must be pro's and con's. I'd like to understand if I could manage the con's.
AWESOME!!! Now let's make them mandatory at the municipal level.
I would imagine that the tank would have tubing installed that would give it access to the ambient air and therefore access to CO2 and to off gas the O2. As far a use as a streetlight, a light can be affixed to the bottom and therefore could illuminate the street. There are several issues that no one has brought up from a sustanability standpoint. 1. How much do the canisters weigh? Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon and that canister looks to be at least 500 gallons. Imagine the structure that would be needed to hold that canister at least 15 feet in the air during all possible weather conditions. 2. Fit the system to work, the excess algae would have to be removed periodically or the algae would be choked off from its light source when it multiplies so there would also have to be some sort of pump (adding more weight) and a drainage system which means the tanks would have to be connected to a sewer and weeks greatly limit the location flexibility. Sewers can be well over 20 feet deep and you would have to excavate to connect, thousands of times. 3. Algae does not grow in colder climates or in temperate regions during the winter (which is 2/3 of the planet). Installing these would bankrupt any community that tried. But there pretty...
yet ......we dont see them out ! 
and people are the same old worrying about the nature !! 
Not bad how mutch does it cost to make
+Keith Achorn please man dont underestimate someone this a very good invention it will take time to make it big better & best

u could have mail that guy instead of publically insulting or underestimating

the inventor should have said this not u because your saying doesnt seem to me like an advice !
But trees absorbs CO2 and returns Oxygen where as this stupid invention does not... Don't disturb nature... with weird inventions...
I'd like to see a bird live in this. Trees do more than take CO2 out of the air.

Not that this is not a great invention, it's the comparison of how much better it does a job than the tree is insignificant. Want to do your part? Go plant a real tree and let big business use this type of invention to fix what they have done. 
The Lorax will be disappointed. Trees are prettier. Give me a tree anyday. 
Finally they invented something very interesting.
nonsense compare 
The Three >>>
1. tree gives oxygen.
2. tree gives fruits, flowers, medicines.
3 tree gives woods.
4. you can rest bellow tree. 
5.cost for new tree ZERO. maintenance just keep out from HUMAN's  
7.And "The" gives lot of another trees.

This machine >>>
1. company's profit ???
2. maintenance team for this project ... lifetime??? 
3.getting lot of carbon. whats next ???
4.create another machine for collected Carbon ???
But does it create Oxygen? I didn't think so. So it steals carbon from trees and causes less oxygen to be created. The world is backward and ignorant. Never teach that manipulating nature leads to peace and/or harmony. Manipulating nature is only done to create the pyramid profit scheme that makes us all feel controlled and desperate to the rulers of this Earth the Banks.  You’re never too old to gain wisdom and never too young to freely share knowledge, observe everything, it all creates the future.  Learn and help spread the word about the importance of nutrition     
i no this post is not done by the inventor but still..........instead of making the public's mind change u should have told the public to appretiate
Co2 is natural gas has no impact on the environment. Co2 is in your breath. Green house theory is scam in order to introduce global tax system on ever things. ...
Paul Yi
+David Gray
Technology sounds cool, but without thinking a full cycle of the system, technology might have loopholes and, yes, it might cause other problems late. How many drags have been lately found causing health issues? And they were better tested than most of technologies these days. 
Fnatastic, the world should adapt this asp
Yes, but does the lamp return oxygen and other essential gases to the atmosphere?
Pepê Z
Wow! Bravo Calleja, spanish brain @work!
Brilliant, now we are taking food away from the trees. . .
How much CO2 is produced in lighting it up?
Not rying to be a kill-joy, I just have to ask, what will happen if this algea get into the oecans of the world? We know what happens when the fish tanks algea get in it so does this algea do the same. Are we looking at a a desater waiting to happen.
It is but for streets lightining its diffecult to control due to large engineering basic requirements
So this will absorb as much CO2 as a tree - but will it produce oxygen?  Regardless of the answer - why not just plant a tree?  
He looks like an extra from Ghostbusters. 
This was great in life of i could want one
Brillient job! but can we do it in natural way meaning can we grow algae? Well think abt it...
Bought out by shell and ExxonMobil and hidden in the archives like the rest
If this releases O2 then I can can see this as a useful tool for NASA and other space bound companies. This could be used to help make space colonies!
Mars here we come. :-$ 
Just because someone brings up valid concerns, does not mean the creativity is nit apprrciated. I just don't see this being a practical street light. This would work very well as an indoor air scrubber or as a luminary lower to the ground. The tanks appear to be a smaller scale version of the ones used in the algae farms that are in the pilot testing phase in the American West. The algae that needs to be moved can be used as animal feed, vitamin production, and to make bio diesel. To truly maximize the potential, they would need to be on the ground and easily accessible. Great idea, poor application
good work we need mass production
so thats  a good thing ?

if so i bit its so expansive 
Thanks for sharing this. I want to look into it some more.
I would love to have one of those. 
cool maybe someone show get these some national exposure
That's cool, but I'll bet it's cheaper to plant 200 trees.
Jon Z
Fuk trees man!
What a great invention#congractulations
That's what I'm talken about...yeah! Good stuff!!
Tough It absorbs the CO2 as a Natural Tree would,
I would Venture to say that Does Nor Reproduce Oxygen.
Perhaps It may Shed some Light on our Dark Path,
Though Let me Know when This Miracle Happens! ;-)
And will any of the "concerned" governments take it up.......?
Ryan M
next they need micro-algae dirigibles that hover over coal plants.
this is needed in china
Wow but still love nature
Why do the majority of people here think the algae are hoarding CO2?? If you break the tank tons of CO2 spill out. Lol

If someone breaks a human in half, do we spill out oxygen? No... We convert O2 to CO2 and have energy for muscles to burn. The plants do the same thing, covert and energy output. 
Doubt it...This will be their excuse to eliminate more trees...
Very cool. The only problem I can see is the light out put may be a bit on the low side for street use. The 1 ton a year of Co2 a year is pretty good though. We would need 3.3 billion to counter-react our Co2 emissions, which would mean billions spent on these things. Perfectly reasonable considering how much the global governments have.
Awesuome !!!!! if it goes lyk dis we can suerly save da Earth!!!
I say why not set it up as a test in some smaller town & get some results.......they'll be doing this to terra form Mars before long....
Wow this is truly incredible! There must be a way to make a great design out of this lamp and place it in big cities :D
Well  that would be cool if they could make it out of a lamp of like a lava lamp with green inside that would be soo cool! :D
Trees absorb CO2 and gives us Oxygen. There is no alternative for tree. Plant one tree each. It will save the planet.
This needs to be put in the nightclub with an added ash tray. I'm tired of smelling like smoke even though I don't puff.
Sounds cool but how expensive is it to produce if it uses electric in running&manufacturer hope it's renewable energy new to Google+ so haven't found much about the lamp far from a scientist but once the carbon trapped in the algae what then suppose better Google & find out B4 commenting on it
Great one.bringing this one on g+ is great.let us share it with global green peace authorities.thx.
Does no one ever read? (sorry Trolling for a second) And if you do read do you not have any comprehension of the things you do read or retention for that matter... Bio-Luminescence the algae are genetically altered to bio-luminescence, semi permeable membranes to allow the absorption of CO2 and voila!!!! lighted tubes of algae that absorb CO2 and off gas O2   
Some day, we'll find only these lamps in our forests. Dr. Seuss could have written a book about the odd effect on small children.
Very cool, can I put one in my house :) A micro micro alge tank? 
More info:
My microalgae lamp absorbs CO2!

So, it's a traditional lamp, where a large percentage of the light energy is being absorbed by this algae.  So, you're using electricity to feed algae to remove carbon.  How much carbon is removed vs what was put into the air to generate the electricity?

Why incorporate this into a light at all?  Is there a way to just directly use solar energy to grow the algae?

If the algae were bioluminescent then this would be really interesting.
+Todd Steif , that is why you continue to grow the cannabis so you can continue to produce more O2 and stuff more bongs and, use it more for medicinal and, use it more clothes and (that dont cost outrageous prices and fall apart 6 months after you buy them) and, all the other positive gains we could reap from growing our own resource. Just legalize it!!!!! The DEA doesn't want you growing your own pain relief. The govt can't control taxes on a lucratively growing material that is is own renewable resource. All these people realm about "going green" but now wants to admit the benefits and positive impacts that cannabis can have on the world. "Free your mind and, the rest will follow"
Use it in areas that are already deforested by clear cutting down trees, or areas that have been slash burned along logging roads. The damage to these sites has already been done. So why not give it a try...your not going to get good test results by setting this up in a pure area...are the special interests goin to allow us to harness this???? +sergio amaro please report this. The comments are coming fast....
Know they've proposed dumping urea into the see to make algae grow trap carbon & fall to the see bed but what effects on the sea life would be is un known maybe produce less carbon in 1st place & stop cutting down our rain forests would be more amazing than this lamp a fish less fish tank with luminous green algae how about genetically engineering different colored ones pink so when it starts taking over the place look like final Sean from The Blob when we've to dump it in Oops hang on well soon have no ice caps to drop it maybe to little to late lol
At least we have an alternative source of oxygen once all the trees go extinct. 
+ian hoyle before the doom and gloom, learn the difference between sea and see.
That lamp is really badass, I'll take 8 my home and set it up something crazy. Fresh air, sweet look, saving the earth with style.
If they can handle micro gravity, they'd be great additions to the International Space Station
What will happen to our trees when used in a forest area?
Oxygen shell come by air...absorbing CO2...  
Trees are essential to Balance the Eco System not just to absorb CO2, unbalanced Eco system = Doomsday coming closer...This Lamp will not save than
great, now let's just keep cutting down the forest.
Hey tong!dont you have sense?there is a great havoc in global dont cut trees and that invention is a great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+josh gura photosynthesis, the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct.
Trees take in CO2 and combined with sugar produces O2 for us to breathe. We then use the same sugar to expel CO2 for the trees. Does the machine do that? 
thats the smartest thing i have ever seen...
This is the future... technology just might possibly save our greedy undeserving asses before we strip the planet empty of natural resources.
but does it produce oxygen? if not i can already see it coming "putting those algea lamp everywhere, then saying hey! we dont NEED all those trees now do we? why dont we just consume a little less, and produce a little less but instead we create solutions that do not attend the main problem.
it kind of looks like a giant bong.
Let's say it works what can we do with carbon, we can manufacture stuff with it right?
Make smaller ones for homes and indoors, maybe for a biodome to sustain human life
+Keith Achorn You raise a great question where does the CO2 go?

Plants take in CO2 > the O2 is released as Oxgen and the C or Carbon is left over as Biomass in the form of plant growth. Carbon is an essential element for life on earth and shouldn't be confused with CO2 or Carbon Dioxide which is a gas.

The earth is a closed loop system and it's constantly re-purposing the carbon along with other minerals providing the materials necessary for life on earth.

Fossil fuels are made of mainly hydrocarbons a product of carbon formed deep inside the earth. When they are burned they release the Carbon in the form of Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide has long been part of our system and can be a product of things like respiration. CO2 is also needed in our ecosystem. The problem begins when we start to burn fossil fuels  and at the same time cut down rain forests. Now we throw the system out of balance adding more CO2 into the air then our system can handle. It starts to build up in the atmosphere.

Plants may play a key role because of their ability to convert CO2 into C. Once the Carbons are out of the air they can be used again by the earth, thus restoring balance to the cycle.

I don't believe most people will have a practical use for this carbon. But it can be purposed for things like Fertilizer, Bio Fuel, and Food for animals. Some types of fish for example will eat algae. We may then eat the fish and everyone is happy!

Q: What do we do with the excess carbon?
A: We find beneficial ways to use it.
Tim N
Can I see an article on this please.
The point isn't that the algae removes co2 from the air permanently, the idea is that if you have thousands of these lights, co2 will be in a cycle and for a large amount of time a lot of it will be removed from the air by the plant. It will reduce the local co2 level and then at the end of its life it will release it. If you have thousands of the lights then you will have less co2 in the atmosphere at any one time
Is this for real?, I mean there's any link where we can make sure?, at least sounds freaking nice!!!...
That will upset the natural balance.
Be great to use to catch up on the co2 problem in cities but as said above, lets not upset the balance of nature. It will have its uses under control.
We should have these everywhere?
Can I be a hulk when drinking it..
We so need these, but we need tress too. They replenish much more than just oxygen.
but it can not produce oxygen in return of that
Q1. How much electricity does a tree require to absorb CO2?
Q2. How much CO2 is generated for the electricity to keep the algae alive?
The light output seems too low for efficient lighting, and the green light wouldn't be acceptable to most people.
But the fact that it does gobble CO2 shouldn't be overlooked.
I think the issue of lighting is a red herring and diverts our attention away from other more beneficial uses like animal feed....
It seems so good but where CO2 goes?
Nice.  Invent its Sister next to it, giving out Oxygen !
We could implant them in trees so that they would absorb Co2 AND give off light. 
We brought ourselves as humanity
in a lot of problems.

But no doubt we can work ourselves out of it,
as this invention shows.

"Any problem caused by men.
can be solved by men as well"
John F. Kennedy
Very impressive solution to an ever expanding problem in our world!!  Great job!
This is how the ninja turtles begin... :-) 
I would like to live in the city that would addopt that sort of lights,them are well presented.Love the concept of it.
Lets send it to Mars for a test run. Plenty of CO2 there!
How much CO2 does it take to make it though?
Run out of CO2 LOL what a comment rate we bread&burn i doubt it,but trees are more than carbon filters there,home for wild life don't think a forests eco system will live on a plastic tube,and as a street light doesn't seam such a BRIGHT IDEA lol
Ummm but tree's also make oxygen... can it do that?
What we need is something that feeds on carbon monoxide .
What's is the associated costs
+Keith Achorn please next time stay silent and all the hundreds of people +1ing your comment. You deserve a chemical Nobel prize for the CO2 -> O2 and then C remains... What an idiot I guess you were sleeping in the school.

Edit: I help you because I am sure you will not find out by yourself: on this miraculous page you can immediately see the full equation. And no there's no remaining C....

+Pavlos Papageorgiou please read the Wikipedia page and stop this nonsense finally. 
I dont understand if this is a good thing or a bad thing..
What about when it gets out, becomes sentient, takes over, and then grows humans for CO2 production?
500 reached - keep on spreading the word for a cleaner planet
Dats whaas up!!!!! Dats how we roll!!!! Yo???
Why doesn't CA invest in this since our air is no longer air but smog. 
+1 for furthering the existence of the atmosphere! 
or, Cause another imbalance in the environment....
GUYS! Are you forgetting that CO2 is a neccesity to live! There was once this massive spike in co2, and it saved millions from starvation because of a great harvest! This is a crime! He's not helping anyone by robbing plants from co2! Just imagine if these things get spread around the USA! All the plants would die!
The plants would not die. Human population is increasing, and thus, killing trees in the process. In the future we will need these.
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