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Trinity Kernel for the Nexus S and NS4G UPDATED and REFRESHED for all speeds
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Works on CM7 based on 2.3.7 yet? I know the previous one from sept 20 didn't... (screwed up colors)
Darn. Still doesn't work with the latest kangs.
Thought my screen didn't look as good. Lol that's why then. Still keeping on this kernel. Hope it can be fixed though. Just double checked in the voodoo app, no colour change switching between the profiles. Using 4/10/11 version of TUEV.
what do you mean, ive only been using kangs lately o.O should be working for you. try flashing that, the kang, the gapps, then the kernel. 
I use Trinity exclusively with kangs. There isnt any reason this kernel shouldnt work. I smell user error....
I did a fresh install yesterday (wiped the 4 relevant partitions) with the 0928 and today with the 1006... Colors are screwed up (crazy blue-green, as if there were a screen defect) when on yesterday's or today's kang (i.e. stock CM kernel). Removing the kernel by flashing Rick's kang again fixes it.
(I assume this is an incompatibility with 2.3.7...)
no incompatability here. in cm settings, try turning on screen-off animations.
Simms, what's the date on the kang you are using?
Yeah, just tried again... Completely fresh install with full, 4-partition wipe on today's (10-06) kang, the latest (08-28) gapps, and the 1.3 ghz derkernel ( Screen is still a no-go. It's aqua blue, as if someone used VoodooColor and screwed up the settings. Reflashing the kang (or flashing just the kang and gapps after a wile) fixes the issue.

Oh, and Screen-Off animation changes nothing. =/
As you were writing that, I just installed Voodoo Control App, and sure enough, that fixed it on Rick's kang when I set the Blue level to something reasonable. For some strange reason, installing Der set my blue level to 0--despite the fact that this was a 100% fresh install ("Touch the android to begin") and Voodoo was not loaded. Months ago, I uninstalled Voodoo Control App due to lack of need (and how at 1.4 GHz, my device occasionally lost a little stability when using all of the audio options), but I guess I'm going to have to keep it on now. :p

Odd that a kernel change would modify the setting even on a 100% stock install.
My lame SoC hasn't ever been able to handle the undervolted ones by morfic. Unless the voltage map's changed, I think I should stick on 1.3.
BTW +semeon korsunsky what are your R G B values in Voodoo? I was just eyeballing it, but I'd like to set it at the stock value :)
i dont touch voodoo color. whatever its set at is what i use.
Mind checking for me what the stock values are so that I can set my blue channel to that?
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