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Thanks, just installed, it has a sweet ui. 
movie rentals do not playback on rooted devices you will get a device unsupported message
Just got it, looks good, works great so far, cool job 
D2 Liberty rom... getting "application not installed"?
Unknown sources checked... any ideas? 
@Brandon what market version do you have righf now?
@Brendon i believe that you need the 2.3.6 market to update. you can try something a bit more risky(make a nandroid backup in recovery first). if you want, delete the vending apk from /system/app/ using root explorer, reboot, then install the apk.
+Myroslaw Bytz I´ve installed it on a German Galaxy S2, works fine but when in Downloads an update is shown and I tap it it only says "open" & " deinstall" and NOT "update" & "deinstall", in the old market version when I tap and hold the update file a window opens giving me several options, eg updating, with some apps it works, with some not ?! why ?!
Tap and hold doesn't work anymore as far as I know. I have no clue about the 'open' vs 'update' issue, as I haven't experienced it. You might try clearing all market data in Manage Applications, but that is just a shot in the dark…
I was about to install the update on my german Galaxy S2 too, but now I'll wait just a little longer to see, if the updating is really faulty :) Thx for the file!
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