Entenmann's Little Bites Offering $5 Off Transformers Bumblebee Movie Tickets: Thanks to our very own jon3.0, we have some kind of fun and interesting news for you. Apparently, Entenmann's Little Bites, which is a brand of delicious tiny muffins in pouches (and a guilty pleasure of yours truly), is running a campaign where you can get $5 off a Bumblebee movie ticket! This campaign is advertised on their muffin boxes, and what it entails is you purchasing 3 or more boxes of Little Bites, 8 count boxes of mini donuts, or Entenmann's Minis between now and January 5, 2019, entering in via this link your name, address, and contact info along with your receipts, and finally you will be sent a promo code to purchase tickets from Fandango. It's really that simple! So if you are planning on going to see the movie, head on out and pick yourself up some guilty pleasures and get yourself $5 off a ticket to see the Bumblebee movie! With early screenings this Saturday and the movie proper itself coming out over the course of the next 3 and a half weeks around the world, the Bumblebee hype is real! http://dlvr.it/QsxFZM
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