Additional Images of New Star Convoy and Armada Optimus Prime Confirming Combination Gimmick: Wonder Festival 2019 Winter has kicked off to an awe-inspiring start, as TakaraTomy’s booth has provided us with several reveals from several toylines. Most mysterious are two reveals from an ‘unknown series’, Convoy A (presumably Armada Optimus Prime) and Convoy S (Star Convoy)! Courtesy of Chohenken on Twitter, these intriguing figures seem to not be bound to any toyline as of now, though it can be assumed these newcomers belong to Transformers Legends. Star Convoy appears to be a decent retooling of Power of the Primes Leader Optimus Prime, so make of that what you will. Armada Prime, on the other hand, appears to be a brand new mold based on the original Armada Prime. Update: We have some more pics courtesy of the Snakas Blog which show that Armada Optimus Prime will combine to have a super mode, since we see fists in the back of his legs. We also get a better idea of the inner Prime for Star Convoy which seems to be simply G1 Convoy/Optimus Prime.
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