Soundwave Speaks, more footage, China Release Date and Sponsor, and more! Bumblebee News Roundup: Come one, come all! We have a little news roundup on some Bumblebee movie news, starting with (drumroll please): Soundwave speaks! Yes we get to here his fine, autotuned voice. In this same clip, we see new footage of Bumblebee talking to Optimus Prime, as well as some more footage of Bumblebee and Blitzwing fighting. Here, he shoves a missile into Blitzwing and shoots it! Though we know he survives since he drops Bumblebee off a cliff later in the scene. Thanks to user adam glam on Instagram for all this footage below! Here is this video. Here we see Bumblebee trying to fix his voice briefly, in robot mode, as well as a new shot of Shatter and Dropkick, the later of whom threatens to burn the world to cinders... again. Here is this video. Next, we get a featurette showing Bumblebee and Charlie trying to fix his voice! Here is this video. Then, we have the full "Don't Run!" scene. [url]Here is this video.[/url] We have the clip of Charlie teaching Bee how to hide. Here is this video. Another clip, this time of Sector seven chasing Bee through the woods. Here is this video. Last, but not least, a new, upbeat trailer, with multiple new shots he haven't seen! Check it out below! Here is this video. Any viewers from China? Well, today we have a confirmation of a release date: January 4th, 2019, two weeks after the North American showing. The article that tells us this comes from Variety. In a similar vein, Tencent Pictures is collaborating with Paramount Pictures to properly import and distribute the movie, as well as advertising and promotion in mainland China. This is good news, as it is very likely this company can help improve sales in China, which often times, ends up being where much of the movies' profit comes from. The article can be read here, at Cision. Finally, the fan screening over at the United Kingdom has finished, with a few pictures uploaded of the celebrities present too at Paramount Pictures' UK Facebook page. So thoughts on our little roundup? Tell us below!
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