Bumblebee Retro Garage Volume 1 Being Released by Takara as SS-EX Exclusive: Thanks to a heads up from Seibertronian Emerje, we have word that the Takara Studio Series Exclusives are seeing another release, and this time they are releasing the Bumblebee Retro Garage Volume 1! For those who don't remember, this is the first of 2 sets featuring a gold painted Studio Series Bumblebee (in this case his 1976 Camaro self) with 2 of the Japanese exclusive G1 Dino Cassettes, Dairu and Uruaz. This set originally was a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive that also saw release on Hasbro Toy Shop and Paris Comic Con. If you missed out on this set when it originally came out, it looks like this will be a perfect time to get it! The set is available for Pre-order at TakaraTomy Mall, and is priced at ¥4,860, which is approximately $43 USD, cheaper than the original exclusive release of $60. Does this set mean Takara is going to start releasing even more Hasbro exclusives, as we've seen so far with the Monsterbots? Will Takara release Volume 2? Let us know what you think of this release below! http://dlvr.it/QsxC0K
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