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Seek Within You
To awaken and inspire people to their own innate power to heal.
To awaken and inspire people to their own innate power to heal.

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you believe this to be true? Do you believe that others have the power to create how you feel? Do you believe that someone else's actions or words cause you to feel inferior; or do you believe that it is your Thought about their actions or words that cause you to feel inferior? What sayeth you?

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Start living your dream today! Get started by first setting your intention on what it is that you would like to experience! You can do this! #inspiration

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When you ground yourself in your body and let go of the thoughts in your mind, you let go and allow your true light to shine from within. When you release attachments, your mind can open to many more possibilities.

“Whether a thought is spoken or not, it is a real thing and has powers of reality.” ~Frank Herbert

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A little humor to raise your vibration! Give 100% at work!
Today give it your best effort of 40%!! Just kidding! Always give 100%

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Who knew that you could smile and heal? Well your inner guides/higher self knows. Smiling raises your vibration and allows that which is naturally yours, health, into your life. Maintain the vibration long enough to shift your subconscious mind and health is assured.

Note: The reason that most people don’t realize the healing power of a smile is that most do not smile enough.

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Blessings are everywhere!

If you are reading this, take a moment and look around you and give thanks to at least 4 things. Let the momentum move you. 4 is the minimum but you can continue. Remember the more you can stay in a raised vibration such as with gratitude, the more you allow your manifestations to come into your reality.

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The day has ended. Let the past be the past. Awaken tomorrow anew with new and determined goals. For you cannot move forward with a sense of guilt of what was.


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How persistent are you when it comes to your goals? Do you find that you have moments of lack of motivation? Do you find that you are too busy to do what you desire?
One of the first steps to “get yourself back on track” is to surrender to what is in this moment. Many times there is a tendency to resist what is happening. The resistance comes in many forms, such as observing what you don’t like about what you are doing. For instance, continually observing and nagging yourself for not doing enough.
Well we know from the law of attraction perspective, that what you get in life is due to your focus....

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If you are reading this, give thanks to at least 4 things for which you are grateful.

Being grateful raises your vibration. The more you can stay in an elevated state, the faster your creations come into your reality. Basically, you diminish your resistance and allow by being grateful.

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