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A handy flowchart to figure out what particle you are. (Bigger version:
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Nice! Could possibly tweak the charge questions to allow for antiquarks, positron, and antiproton. (And, I deleted an attempt at SUSY humor after I saw the important disclaimer at the top.) Thanks.
I'm the hide and seek champion: Higgs Boson!
Am I missing something? Where's the electron on this chart?
Oh, the electron neutrino is otherwise known as an 'Electron'?
Good little way to help people remember the basics of the standard model.
I know i m a woman this enough for now
Hide and seek champ. Higgs Bosson a.k.a the god particle. 
This flowchart is incomplete.. it lacks the HIGGS (god) particle :)
Cat S-R
i dont get it.......
Cool. This will go in my useful reference random stuff folder that gets consulted more often than anyone would expect.
This post is presently appearing under What's Hot if you scroll down a ways. A great +1 for physics on Google+ today.
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what shit is this its storm of complexity........
...until they find one little thing they're all overlooking, and everything gets renamed/moved/changes charge/whatever.

Science, though they forget, is a process, not a certainty.
Baryons are my favorite. Electrons are okay, and great to eat for breakfast (with baryons of course).
Whoever made this chart was definitely not a moron.
after spending 5 mins to read this. I am a Lepton.
Can I tag myself on the Higgs Boson? Everyone is obsessed with her......
Nevermind, I'm a Gluon. All the way.
according to this chart- I'm a lazy reader :)
LMAO atleast just stick to the experimentally proven sub-atomic particles...
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