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Scripps Health is a nonprofit, community-based health care delivery network in San Diego, California. Visit or call 1-800-SCRIPPS to learn more.
Scripps Health is a nonprofit, community-based health care delivery network in San Diego, California. Visit or call 1-800-SCRIPPS to learn more.

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Between the ages of 3 and 6, children can be prone to nightmares. It's part of normal childhood growth and development. A nightmare, however, is different from a night terror which can include screaming, kicking and thrashing.

Dr. Matilda Remba explains how to recognize the differences and tips to help ease your child's fears ➨

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Millennials are the next big thing in medicine. See how they're helping shape health care's future and what we're doing to attract and retain them ➨

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With the #holiday season in full swing, are you feeling #stressed?

Dr. Laura Johnson, Scripps Family Medicine physician, has five practical tips to help you minimize stress and enjoy the fun ➨


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Did you know minor lifestyle switches can make a big difference in your overall #health and well-being? It's not necessary to spend hours at the gym or switch to a stringent diet.

Try these surprisingly easy changes to make a big impact:
1. Choose a new food or recipe once a week
2. Go for an hour-long walk after dinner vs. watching TV
3. Take a spin class instead of going for your usual run
4. Visit a new place you’ve never been before
5. Send a handwritten letter instead of an email for heartfelt communication

See other ways to make this week's #ScrippsHealthySwitch and become a happier, healthier you ➨

A small hole in the #heart at birth may not close later in life, leading to risk of what is called a cryptogenic #stroke.

A new FDA-approved heart device can seal the heart holes and cut stroke risk.

Read about the Amplatzer PFO Occluder device here ➨

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A unique technology is making treatment more convenient for women with early stage #breastcancer. Electron intrapoperative radiation therapy (EIORT) offers:

1. A full course of treatment in one dose vs. 15 to 30 with conventional treatment
2. Treatment during surgery time vs. daily trips over as many as six weeks
3. No entry dose, little if any exit dose and a very uniform radiation distribution

Learn more about EIORT at Scripps here ➨

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Colds and whooping cough begin with similar symptoms and it can be hard to tell the difference between the two at first.

But whooping cough - also called #pertussis - is a highly contagious illness that gets worse over time and doesn’t go away on its own. Babies and preschool-age children are most at risk.

Learn the warning signs of #WhoopingCough and how to protect yourself and your family ➨

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Are you looking to get #HealthInsurance through #CoveredCaliforinia? To help guide you in the process, see answers to the most commonly asked questions here ➨

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Pacific #Bariatric Surgical Group has joined Scripps Clinic Medical Group in an agreement completed today that expands Scripps’ surgical services in central San Diego.

Learn more ➨


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Finding the right doctor to care for your newborn or toddler is an important decision. Take some time to think about the following, and you will be on your way to finding a doctor you like and trust:

1. Check for experience
2. Your pediatrician should listen to you
3. Make sure the doctor stays up-to-date with current practices.
4. The doctor should be comfortable with your child
5. Open communication is important

Learn more about these considerations and how to choose a pediatrician you will be comfortable with ➨
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