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Love is having someone who answers to "Pumpkin" at Halloween.

p.s. Be 'ware death's penguin in the shadows, ever watching.

Also, we miss you, #WesCraven  

#LoveIs  meets #Halloween  • #watercolou   #illustration
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Love it! :-D
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PIGS • (Sus scrofa)
Richard Scarry's books, filled with animals of all kinds, remain one of my earliest and fondest memories of illustration. His style is so simple and yet enormously endearing; he has always been an inspiration to me as an illustrator. I have tried my hand at a few different animals in various poses and scenes - I think these pigs are amongst my better attempts. Particularly the one in the bathtub - he's a personal favourite.

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These are great! I loved those books
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Bunny & Butterfly • (wallpapers & things)
Some days, even when I know exactly what it is I should be drawing, it just doesn't come out of the pen. And complete other things pour out instead, all unexpected and sudden-like. Some of them are silly, some a bit topsy-turvy, and some of them Flea says are really cute. She just loves the worm and the snail. So then they end up here.

Wallpapers available from site: 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 • Just click the link at the top of the post and do all the normal stuff you would do to take free stuff from places. There's a donate button if you like to support artists, or if you have a kazillion Twitter followers you could give me a shout out. I'm a little bit addicted to twitter. I like to tweet while I draw.

#illustration   #wallpaper   #download   #friendship  
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My friends come from Scribbleworld.
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Flea vs the scribbler!
The eternally stupendous and ever so amazing +Yoon-Mi Kim has taken her crochet skills to dizzying heights by taking on the Scribbler... er, me! Check out this amazing little stitch-scribble - her #valentines gift to me! ♥ I feel so very loved :)
If you're not following scribblegraph on twitter, add it now - there's a bit of a special treat lined up for the big day tomorrow. Those who have been following me since the rock-age of Google+ may remember these, but I hope you all enjoy the #LoveIs  journey.

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I'm a knitter so love this! Also a fan since rock ages.
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Genuine SGT. Squidly Ink - Genuine Quality. "All Artline pens are filled by premium stock squids with finest grade squidly ink since... oh, aaages." #Inktober  

That Flea lady has been prodding me to draw lately. Inktober seemed like a good place to start.. so this one is for her:) +Yoon-Mi Kim 

Artline pens are not filled by squids, with squids or squid products. At least, I don't think they are. I suppose they could be. Wouldn't that be a fun little coincidence!
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Squeeee! I'm that Flea lady! I LOVE DRAWINGS FOR ME... MOOOORE, not the Mandy type either.
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I have a few lovely, very supportive fans who have been around forever - but +Jessica Marie has seriously gone next level. Check out her tattoo of this very early #scribblecrush  request (inlcudes links to the original post from way back in August 2012). The tattoo artist has done an amazing job to clean this up enough and make it look as good!

#tattoo   #scribblegraph  
An early scribblecrush request gets VERY permanent. Tattoo by Jason Keene. Canvas: Jessica Marie.
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Gorgeous work by the original #scribblecrush and the tattoo artist! 
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Have them in circles
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Dream House »

Well, hello. Yes, I've been hiding away a-while, but I'm not gone. i just had a major career change that required my attention. You know, that "real life" thing that pops up from time to time. Anyway, I was up at 3am this morning for no good reason, and I was pushing clutter around my desk, and I came across some Illustrations I hadn't posted on my website yet. View all »

These were commissioned in 2014 for AFA financial adviser of the year +Dartnall Advisers and used either in part of in full on various promotional material and on websites.

I'm currently scribbling for #Halloween - my very favourite time of the year:) Add me on twitter and say hello while I draw!

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...and I never tell all my secrets. I'm a man of great mystery and intrigue.
Sometimes. Maybe.

+Bill Collins +Yoon-Mi Kim 
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The Pilchard & the Mouse (or) Mr Cod's nasty headache
» for the usual long crazy story ;) passed 30,000 visits today, and without doubt it is because of the wonderful support I get from you here on Google Plus. It was the first place I published any of my silly scribbles :) It's an incredibly hard gig promoting independent art, so although 30,000 doesn't seem much, it is a big deal to me:)

This one is for +Cod Codliness who has been encouraging & supporting me for as long as I can remember. He is sick in Scotland with a nasty headache which is an absolutely horrid way to be when there's good scotch to be had. And he also has a case of the verbals. Well, Mr Cod, this is what happens when you get clever with me! You know, it's a pen/sword scenario. ...except we both wielded a pen here. Erm.

OH! You can now leave comments on the website by logging in using your prefered social media thing: Google+ (of course) Twitter or Facebook. (Thanks, Flea xx)

#mouse   #illustration  
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+Paul Williams​ Thanks mate :)
+Cod Codliness​ no problem :)
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pig + monkey = punkee
a sketching day :)

miss me?
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+Lucy De La Cruz Hello! I think you tagged me by accident :)
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A young artist making a big noise!
Full story link: 

This is so completely what it's all about - making all your non-gooey inside stuff come out on paper. I love what this kid is doing! And he's a Perth boy like me; double zing!

Tristan has autism, and uses his art to communicate his bright imagination in a pretty amazing way!

Good on you Tristan - keep it up!

#WAToday  +WAtoday  #illustration  
Many artists strive for decades to secure an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, but local youngster Tristan Goldsmith has already achieved his goal – and he’s just nine years old.
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Rock on. :-D
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Birthday Boy & the Reluctant Rover

A very happy birthday to +Lacerant Plainer - from a secret admirer... and me!

» I received an email this week about Dr. Lacerant; a wonderful, gnarly old scientist who celebrates his birthday today. I’m told that many moons ago he had a dog, a dog he sent up into space in a rocket made entirely out of discarded tin cans. The rather ingenious (if haphazard) nature of his design meant that the pup actually made it to Mars (which it may well have colonised – Curiosity will reveal all in time) before the good Dr. Lacerant realised he had no way to extract information back from his venture. A few of Rover‘s brief barks, excited yips and mournful yowls were all he could decipher over the short wave.

It’s a wonder with this kind of willful carelessness and lack of forethought that dear old Dr. Lacerant has made it to this day in one piece; yet here he is, on the dark side of yet another annual milestone. I am but one among many lucky enough to call him a friend, and from all of us:

Happy Birthday, Lacerant!

#birthday   #scribblegraph  
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I'm not THAT kind of rover! Genius :D
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Pte Edward Hare (Easter Bunny Army)
from the down-the-rabbit-hole dept.

With all this double long weekend business in Australia, I realised I never actually posted the Edward Hare drawing here - just a link to the video... AND on the wrong channel :/ So I have a new YouTube channel for scribblegraph where I'll be uploading stuff & things from now on... I'd really love to see you all there! ♥ HUGE shout to my Google Plus High Density BING machine people... you know who you are:)

And if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed someone has gone and done something a little bit bloody amazing and had a scribblegraph scribble tattooed on themselves... true story! I can't wait for you to see it:)
»»» YouTube channel: «««

This video: (speed drawing)

+Shachihata (Europe) Ltd  #Artline  
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Oh ...ok, have at it +scribblegraph. Egg-slave emu in a dank, cold underground cavern... full of crystals and light and hope? 
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