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A cartoon reveals how herd mentality and bad science brought measles back to the First World.
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Poverty kills 12.5 times as many kids as anti-vaxxers.
What study was it that proved the following hypothesis: "Celebrities are so influential that more than half of Americans still suspect that there is a link."? It must have been quite a study to prove this sort of causality!

Does "bad science" happen when one's experiment fails to support
But, but, Jenny said.....
+kevin Johnson poverty is a disease of the mind; specifically the minds of political leaders who are still infected with the 37 year old mistake described in -- how do we immunize them against it?

(By the way, I was referring to, "only 8% of underimmunization is related to parental perception of the immunization process. Poverty and its associated factors are an enormous barrier to health care in general, and both preventive services and vaccination are no exception." --
+James Salsman Poverty is caused by nations with extractive institutions.

But you haven’t answered my question; can poverty be prevented with an injection? You know, like how many diseases can be prevented.

Vaccines are cheap and simple; curing poverty usually requires replacing extractive governments with inclusive ones. Replacing governments often requires a war or insurrection. Are you willing to support civil wars in all of the world’s poor countries to end poverty in the World?
+kevin Johnson no, poverty is a mental illness of political leaders. It is caused by false assumptions, greed, or both, and it can only be countered as such.
+kevin Johnson neither of the sources I cited are ideological. They are both based on empirical observation.
The elimination of greed would do it; but as long as we only value people by their possessions that ain't going to happen
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