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We've enabled free, Let's Encrypt-based SSL certificates in the Control Panel.

Introduced in 2016, Let's Encrypt represents a free open certificate authority (CA), which provides website owners with digital certificates for enabling HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

It was launched by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), a public-benefit organization sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Cisco Systems, with the aim of making HTTPS encryption both affordable and user-friendly.

Their main goal is to create a more secure, privacy-driven web.

Let's Encrypt certificates are:

free to use: each domain name owner can obtain a trusted certificate at absolutely no cost;
automatic: the certificate setup and renewal procedures are fully automated; no human intervention is needed;
simple to use: there are neither payments to make, nor validation emails to respond to;
secure: Let's Encrypt serves as a platform for implementing the latest security practices;
fully transparent: all issued certificates are publicly available for anyone to view;
open: the issuance and renewal protocol is published as an open standard that can be adopted;
'self-regulated': Let's Encrypt is a joint community effort, beyond the control of any organization;
What are the differences between regular and Let's Encrypt SSLs?
Let's Encrypt offers you a free and automated way of obtaining SSL certificates for your sites, so you may ask yourself: "Why would I ever go with a regular SSL certificate?".

Just like regular SSL certificates, Let's Encrypt certificates offer basic SSL encryption, i.e. they give site visitors assurance that they are exchanging information with the domain that is visible in the address bar and that their personal data (login details, credit card information, etc.) cannot be eavesdropped.

Also, Let's Encrypt certificates are trusted by all major browsers.

If a site is using a Let's Encrypt SSL, you will see "https://" at the beginning of the URL in your browser's address bar, along with a green padlock.

So, what Let's Encrypt certificates offer is secure communication most site visitors will feel comfortable with.

However, as a business entity you may also need a certain security guarantee against online abuses and this is where commercial SSLs kick in.

Read further below to learn more about the differences between a Let's Encrypt certificate and a regular SSL:

Warranty: Let's Encrypt certificates do not include a warranty against misuse or mis-issuance, whereas regular SSLs do. While this may not be a problem for smaller websites, for larger organizations most probably will.
Wildcard Certificates: Let's Encrypt does not offer wildcard or multi-domain certificates, whereas traditional CAs usually do.
Validity Period: Let's Encrypt certificates are only valid for 90 days and must be renewed before they expire. Most regular SSL certificates are valid for at least one year. HTTPS site owners can also choose a longer validity period (3, 5, etc. years). On our platform, Let's Encrypt certificates are renewed automatically, so you won't have to worry about that.
Support: Let's Encrypt does not offer assistance with creating or installing SSL certificates. Only community help is available.This can be an issue for organizations that need to quickly equip their business sites with an SSL. However, this could be easily curbed with a quick re-generation and re-installation of the problematic Let's Encrypt SSL.
A Let's Encrypt certificate or a commercial SSL – the final verdict
Both Let's Encrypt and commercial SSLs will do the encryption job that is expected of them in order to protect your sites against interception and eavesdropping.

So, your choice will solely be determined by the type of site you manage, which in fact defines your security requirements.

If you own a non-commercial site, a blog or a photo gallery, or just need a quickly configurable, simple and free SSL certificate that you can obtain with minimum effort, then Let's Encrypt is the way to go.

If you run an e-store or an enterprise site, then you will need to invest in a paid, warranty-equipped SSL certificate issued by an established CA.

Due to Google's recently voiced intent to give HTTPS sites higher search rankings and the subsequent rise of authorized SSL resellers, the prices for commercial SSLs have been going down steadily.

Today, every e-commerce website owner can obtain an affordable commercial SSL certificate from a reputable authority.

We've already lowered the prices for both regular and wildcard certificates and are doing our best to make sure you get the best security insurance on the web.

For more information visit our site at or at
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Benefits of Organic Beauty Products

Today people prefer organic products to those that have chemicals. If you use shampoos that contain natural ingredients, you can keep your hair healthy and strong, because without harmful and artificial elements, the hair becomes stronger and more resilient. Often, consumers are influenced by the example of attractive models that use products that are full of chemicals, but never to be trusted, as the perfect hair advertised are further from the real care that they advertise.
Benefits of organic shampoos without silicones
Organic shampoos and conditioners revive the scalp of ill-treatment by traditional shampoos that contain chemicals. Natural ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals can help cell regeneration. Natural components like antioxidants propel hair cells of the skin and hair follicles. In addition, essential oils and herbal extracts nourish the scalp and give hair a stronger gloss.
Natural shampoos do not contain silicone sulfates or toxins, thus helping the environment. Manufacturers of organic shampoos follow ethical practices and do not test their products on animals.
Organic Shampoo: Avoid greasy hair and accelerate growth
Our shampoo is a next-generation compound, a high quality cosmetic product. The organization responsible for this product is Zatik Natural Products, they brings us this perfect treatment for a long, strong, healthy and shiny hair in no time. Its composition is totally organic, which has a high content of nutrients, which strengthen the hair and gets it to growth naturally. It also carries marine glycogen.
It is for people with sensitive scalp, as well as being the solution to end the disadvantages of oily hair and hair that are slow to grow, and that repairs and revitalizes without damaging the skin.
Home Remedies for curly hair
If you are concerned that you do not know how to condition frizzy hair, here we are a few remedies.
Curly or frizzy hair can be a hassle, but it can also be well cared with intensive conditioning once a week. An organic conditioner that does not require rinsing will help a lot. However, avoid excessive washing and irons and hot curlers. When washing your hair it is advisable to towel dry before styling. Remove tangles with your fingers, this will prevent excessive hair breakage.
Good hydration is essential; hot oil treatments are excellent to soften. Use only organic shampoos and conditioners. The sun, humidity and wind can wreak havoc on your hair, so it is advisable to protect it with a handkerchief. Finally, the hair also needs nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, foods rich in protein, vitamin B-8 and B-5. A significant amount of water is also essential for healthy hair.
Use natural products for hair
Split ends are caused by the effects of excessive chemical shampoos and hot plates that cause dryness. Environmental contaminants and chlorine in swimming pools are other causes. The best product for split ends is an organic shampoo and conditioner. Avoid shampoos with aggressive traditional components, as they may deprive the hair of natural oils. Plant extracts improve the moisture required to create fullness, body and shine.
It uses only natural hair products that can not only repair damaged hair, but also to heal, strengthen and promote natural growth.
For more information please visit our page at:
Zatik Natural Products
Glendale, California. USA
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Website Basics

Most of us have a vague idea of what to have on our websites, but we do know how important is to have a website. Because of that we end up duplicating someone else’s website which can be damaging to a serious business. While it is OK to have similarities with other websites it is not OK to copy someone’s website content.

As business owners we need to make our websites stand out from the rest. Therefore it is important to be original and work with the right web designer to make it happen. Never rely on a web designer to come up with content for your website. While we agree that web designers are experts in their field of web design, you are the expert in the business that you are trying to promote. So it should be up to you to provide them with the right content while following your web designer’s direction on how to present it.

We have come up with some basic information that will hopefully help you in planning and getting your website published. Please understand that there must be a good reason to have a website, just because “everyone has one” is not a good reason to have a website and most likely it will not produce any results. So the main reason to have a website is to promote some type of service, product, concept, or idea. Having a good understanding on your reason to have a website will help your web designer come up with the right way to present that information.

The purpose of a website must never be to amaze your visitors, so a simple and clean design will provide your visitors with a pleasant browsing experience. Too many links can easily distract your audience and drive them away from your site. So try to present your visitors with a reason to stay in your site and not drive them away to social media sites where you will gain little if any attention. Please understand that social media sites do play an important role in the popularity of your site but only as way to drive people to your site.

Your website should include enough information so that your visitors get a clear picture of who you are and what your business is all about. A crowded home page will not get visitors to stay in your site very long so it is important to categorize your information. The easiest way to have that done is by ensuring that you the right pages created for your site. An “About Us” page can be used to detail information about you (the organization or individual). Also a “Testimonials” page will tell a visitor what other’s think about you or your organization.

Depending on weather you are offering a service or product it will be necessary to have a Product or Services page. The purpose is to present in a summarized format the service or product that you are intending to share with the public. Obviously each service or product will be linked to full description of the product or service that is being presented. The product or services page may include several products and may extend to various pages but ensure that each item presented is just a summary of the item and not a full blown description. Keep your list short but representative of your entire line, otherwise you will loose visitors. 

There should be a way for clients to search within your products or services in case they are looking for a specific item. It should also include a wish list for individuals who are unable to find the product that they are looking for.

When adding products or services it is also important to provide your clients a way to leave comments or reviews. This is different from testimonials because testimonials talk about doing business with your company as a whole while a product review is strictly related to the product and not the organization.

One of the most important but neglected pages in any website is the contact page. Most contact pages consist of a contact form and are very dry and impersonal. Consider having a google map and giving your visitors a way to locate your business in a map and maybe adding a short but personal message. The contact page should include multiple ways of contacting you. A telephone number is highly recommended, along with an e-mail address and contact form. Always list your hours of operation to let the visitor which times to try and contact you. Your contact form can also serve as a subscription form for those that wish to receive specials and other information from your organization, so consider leveraging the use of a contact form.

As your site is being develop keep in mind that the content should include the “keywords” that will be found by Google and other search engines. So take advantage of every page and include the words or phrases that will make your site a search engine optimized site (SEO). Make should that when you include images and or videos on your site, each image or video is properly identified and it includes the right keywords to go with it. Google will find these and display them in an images categories as well as YouTube (videos) making your site easier to find.

Small Business Network Administrators International
Riverside, California. USA
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We would like to welcome Zatik Natural Products to the SBNAI family. Zatik Natural Products manufactures organic beauty products.

Our products are created in Glendale, California without mass production; using fresh raw botanicals cultivated along the pacific coast, on USDA-certified organic farms without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In 2005, husband and wife duo combined their science and business skills to craft raw beauty products. They utilize science to determine the most beneficial essential botanicals to enhance radiant beauty. Their products are produced at room temperature to retain the integrity of the nutrients and essential minerals that exist in the oils and botanical extracts.

For more information visit our website at

Dr. Alberto Ortiz
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Checkout the spotlight. Thank you all for trusting SBNAI with your website design.
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Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses

The term “SEO” has become a household name in the last few years. Most web designers refer to it as the making a website search engine friendly. The question we should be asking is, will my website show up on the first page of a search results?

In order to answer that question we need to understand how search engines work. Unfortunately there are 100’s of search engines and each one has a different way of matching searches. The top 3, tend to have a unique way of building a match list that includes, ranking, keyword match, and meta data (data tags such as H1, H2, & H3). Most of the other search engines usually go on keyword match and meta data. Ranking in itself is a whole other process that requires lots of time and patience.

Showing up in a search result will take more than just getting listed on search engines, however SEO is nothing more than ensuring that a site is search engine friendly. Meaning, that your search engine has the “right” combination of keywords for your specific niche, along with strong articles (blogs), and the right meta data. It does not include “ranking”.

Most web designers promise SEO as part of their design services, and most do deliver as promise. But only a few will go the distance to ensure that a website is search engine marketed (SEM). The difference is that while SEO will make a site search engine friendly, SEM will ensure that a website is properly marketed so it comes up in the first page of a search engine results list. SEM includes SEO, but SEO does not always translate into marketing your site.

When requesting Design services from a Web Developer (or Designer) always seek clarification as to what their SEO services include. If they do not bring up Search Engine Marketing, do not hesitate to bring it up to them and make sure they understand what it entails.

For more tips or additional information on Web Design, SEM, and SEO services call or write to us.

Small Business Network Administrators International
Riverside, California. USA
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The Value of a Website
Most small businesses and home based businesses have come to rely on Facebook for their business websites. While a facebook page add to your overall web rank it will not get you to the top on it’s own. Web ranking is what gets your page to the top of a search engine list. So it is very important to maintain a presence in at least the most popular social media sites.
It is very important to have a standalone, well designed page. Do not confuse “well designed” with “good looking” or “pretty site”. A site does not need to be pretty but it does need to be effective. A well designed page is a page that includes strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) components, good content, and is pleasant to look at. A well designed page is also a page that loads within 10 seconds of a request. It should also include a blog and a facility for visitors to leave their comments and or experiences while dealing with your organization (that would be the equivalent of a Facebook “like”).
The above components are all necessary and cannot be found in social media sites. Also as the owner of your site you can make changes and substitute content at any time. This will keep your site fresh with good content and good traffic.
If you have a need for a new page or need to revamp your existing page call or write Small Business Network Administrators International. We will help you establish a presence on the internet that will last for years to come.
Small Business Network Administrators International
Riverside, California. USA #ns
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My web designer just published my new website! How come it does not show up in search engines?
I hear the same line over and over. Unfortunately publishing a website is just the beginning of a long and exhausting process of showing up in search engines. As a website owner you have to understand that there are millions of active websites in the world. Showing up in the first few pages might not be as easy as publishing a website to the internet.
At SBNAI we go a step further to ensure that your website shows up in search engines all over the world. Not only do we build SEO ready sites, we take full advantage of the SEO capabilities of the site. Then we submit our clients’ websites to local directories and search engines and finally create backlinks to increase the sites rating. It can take between 3 and 6 months just to show up in certain search engines. We guarantee that we can get your site in all mayor search engines within 6 weeks. No need to pay a third party for the services that you get as part of your design project.
Call or write for a free no obligation quote! #ns
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How important is it to post in multiple social media sites? The answer depends on whether you are trying to promote a business or a personal message.

For a business it is important to promote your products or services to as many contacts as possible. Promoting your business on public media sites is one of the best ways to advertise at low to no cost.
For personal messages that might not be as important because personal messages usually do not promote a service or product. However, it might be as important if you are trying to convey an important message.

Unfortunately postings on social media sites get buried fairly fast and unless your contacts are looking for something specific chances are that your message or advertisement will go unnoticed.

So the best solution for delivering an effective personal message or advertise a product, have your own website which include a blog where you can post your messages and it can automatically post to all social media sites.

At Small Business Network Administrators we specialize in Web Design for small to medium sized businesses, home based businesses, and personal sites. We have the lowest cost for both web design and web hosting services in the market. Call or write today to get your free, no cost, no obligation quote.

Al #ns
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