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Today is a good day – #systemd  got adopted as the default init system for #debian !
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Shh, quiet, the tactical voting demons can hear you, don't jinx it.
I hope Debian does for go #systemd though, so I can come back to using it, migrated to Arch in case Debian drowned in the deep end of the cesspit.
If your sole reason for quitting debian was the init system, then please just stay with Arch and don't bother switching back.
+Ghislain Vaillant What's wrong with wanting to run a modern, up-to-date GNU/Linux system with software that the community has been carefully building for ages, to finally arrive at the final destination: the best system there can ever be.

Not to mention Systemd is ultimately easier to maintain on the package-side, when compared to something like Sysvinit, when you compare the Sysvinit scripts vs how Systemd works. If you packaged something that ran as a service, instead of a math-related program, you could truly appreciate not wanting to cause bodily harm because of a script.
Then again, if you're happy with Arch, then there is no reason for you to switch back.

Concerning your second paragraph, are you a package maintainer yourself ? Your argumentation is pointless as far as you're concerned.
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