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Today Rwanda, home of the mountain gorilla, is in our hearts as we remember the tragedies that occurred 21 years ago. #Kwibuka21
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“I say that whoever they are and whatever they are interested in, we as human beings need to commit to include #conservation as part of our daily life.” 
Click here to read more of what Fossey Fund biodiversity research and program manager has to say to incoming University of Rwanda students and about his own journey from student to mentor:…/news_150129_deogratiastuyisingize
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Dr. Dian Fossey was born on this day in 1932. Today we honor the life and incredible achievements of our founder, and we celebrate the success of mountain gorillas—the only great ape species to show a population increase in recent decades.
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Wonderful woman and human being. Dian not only understand LOVE and the true value of Life, but she express coherence with it ( !!! ) 

Without nature, this planet would be totally lost. From my Heart, THANKS to animals and plants species for being here in this plane of existence, risking your well being to give us true Light, Hope and Life. 

Respect and LOVE always and forever... !
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Check out this camera trap photo the Fossey Fund just received from our Research and Conservation Program Manager Escobar Binyini! It’s a silverback Grauer’s gorilla from one of the gorilla groups we’re tracking and protecting at our Nkuba-Biruwe field site in DRC. Grauer’s gorillas are the largest gorilla subspecies, and this guy is huge!
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Did you know great apes are also susceptible to the Ebola virus? Read our blog to learn more about how gorillas and other wild animals are affected:
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Spending time with gorillas is like no other experience. And they love it as much as the people who visit. Limit is 1 hour. And veterans intervene only if there is an ingury. 
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Keep up with all the different gorillas by reading our blog: 
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Mountain gorilla Maggie is known for her independence and leadership. Even at the age of 34, she still keeps Fossey Fund staff on our toes:
Mountain gorilla Maggie is among a small group of gorillas we protect that were monitored by Dian Fossey. Maggie has established herself as a leader and has earned great respect from the Fossey Fund staff.
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It's a fragile success. But not only gorillas are in danger, the Orangutans are in danger. They will be extinct , imagine the world without the great apes. 
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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Ebola's impact on great apes. Read this article to hear what Fossey Fund’s Dr. Damien Caillaud, who studied a population of western gorillas affected by Ebola, has to say:
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The link didn't work for me, but I'm assuming it's this article:
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2014 is almost over, and the Fossey Fund would like to say thank you to all of the supporters who make our work possible:

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If you love gorillas as much as we do, you'll love this video of blackback Segasira and infant male Ndizeye playing:
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Paula G
Beautiful Simply Beautiful :)
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Helping people. Saving gorillas.
The work of Dr. Dian Fossey to protect and study gorillas continues today through the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, which has carried on her mission since her death in 1985. The Fossey Fund is dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa and still operates the Karisoke Research Center Dr. Fossey founded in 1967 to protect and monitor mountain gorillas in Rwanda. The Fossey Fund also helps study and protect Grauer’s (eastern lowland) gorillas in Congo, and operates health and education programs to empower local communities to become stewards of their important natural environment. With more than 130 trackers, anti-poachers, scientists and support staff working to save gorillas from extinction, the Fossey Fund could not continue without supporters and partners from around the world.
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