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Initial set of patches got merged upstream last week. In this hangout session, we sneak-peak into the feature, discussing about it's current state, implementation details followed by a short demo.

This should help users kick start using it and contributing enhancements, bug fixes back to the community.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Venky Shankar. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
BitRot detection in GlusterFS: Feature presentation & demo
Today, April 2, 10:00 AM
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2 days of rain. Unusual for the season and unsparing for the harvest.
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sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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I came across today and in a manner of speaking this question covers everything that has been talked about GSoC. And the usage of the word "prepare" somewhat rigidly reduces it to competitive examinations which students 'prepare' or, train for.

The GSoC FAQ has an entry which statesone of the goals as "Inspire young developers to begin participating in open source development". Thus, being able to participate in GSoC is not a measure of an achievement. Rather it is a way towards becoming more intensely involved in the process and culture of Open Source. More importantly, it facilitates a total immersion in the community that a student opts to align with and become a contributor in.

The first step is an action. Understand what can hold sustained interest and then find a community of like minded people to join in and begin to work. The Google Summer of Code is not the only platform which enables students to work with Open Source projects and receive payment. And so, if there is training required, it isn't to be selected for GSoC. The training and discipline is required to become a better participant in upstream communities of Free and Open Source Software.
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At the Taj Mahal. Another item partially off the bucket list.
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For a good part of the day I was watching a co-working patiently package Fedora 21 Workstation DVDs, sleeves into postage-ready packs. As a volunteer for the Freemedia program (and probably the only one from India), he spends, in my estimate, around 35INR for every single shipment. And that is a good amount of money.

I feel it is time we ask "What do we want to achieve through the Freemedia program in India?" Answers like - (a) we want to have more users of Fedora; (b) we want to ensure that everyone who wants a media to install, has the means to receive one; (c) we want more contributors to Fedora etc are all valid ones.

The reason for the (somewhat existential) question is to assess whether sending DVDs by email is what helps us reach that goal. Do we have the means to undertake looking at data to validate the Freemedia based method as a successful and popular path to meeting that goal?

Are the recipients of the Freemedia program (in India) passive or, do we get to hear back from them about participating in the Fedora community via mailing lists and IRC?

I am not sure about the operational aspects of the Freemedia program (I had volunteered for it a long time back). I feel that if it is possible and worthwhile, a good place to start would be to understand the geo-location of the intended recipients. The intent is to understand whether an increasing number of requests are coming from geo-located clusters ('I saw my friend receive a DVD and install; I want one too'). This may help the Fedora community in India build up micro-communities that are hyper-local (to steal the buzzword!). In turn, it has the potential of converting the passive recipients of the DVDs into perhaps active participants (as coaches or, ad-hoc organizers of installation fests). It would also be somewhat easier to keep pulling in new participants to the lists and IRC channel.

This is of course just one way to extract data from the Freemedia trac system and attempt to optimize the process in context of the goal. The important point is to discuss and arrive at the goal - why would Freemedia (in India) continue to exist and how is it adding value to The Fedora Project.
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Revisting it is becoming obvious that a particular set of tone, mood and style of photographs end up as favorites.
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sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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Recently I was reading a thread ( on "Promoting other distributions and conflict of interest". And while I think is the best response on the thread, it does raise a very relevant point.

For any FOSS project the Ambassadors are a public facing crew expected to be present at events large and small; participate in outreach; demonstrate the new and cool bits of the project and live the values of the project. In a manner of speaking the itinerant nature of the group brings them closer together because they would end up sharing stories - road warriors always do. A few years back the folks who were already contributing heavily to a number of aspects of the projects ended up being recognized as Ambassadors. This had the benefit of drawing upon their experience, knowledge and love for the project to do outreach activities. And since FOSS contributors often to participate across multiple projects and organizations, it was not terribly puzzling to see someone being a Fedora Ambassador, an Open Hardware person, an Open Mapping participant and a contributor to the Commons of various kinds.

The 'polymath' was and is a powerful presence. Being able to synthesize a complex worldview for an audience to look at through the lens of a particular project is a compelling storytelling ability. The original post from +Kushal Das highlights a situation when it might be a drawback - being unable to pull together a narrative based upon actual contributions and instead falling back on simplistic either/or promotions. Seasoned contributors and experienced Ambassadors understand the power of AND - being able to learn from projects and identify ways to strengthen specific processes. Those who aren't paying attention or, have been distracted then tend to evade direct questions and provide answers which lack clarity.

The Fedora Project has Ambassador mentors and this is a great place to build in the values to live and demonstrate. Without specific examples of "conflict of interest" it is difficult to make a general assessment of what needs to be addressed. However, it is imperative to understand that the Ambassador role is unfriendly to a new participant in the FOSS culture. Unless there is shared learning, collaboration and a personal story of sustained contributions built out, it is a hard act to transfer the "joy of doing" to an audience who are eagerly latching on to each word and movement to learn how they to can be part of this process because they are convinced about the concept of sharing.
[Ambassadors] Promoting other distributions and conflict of interest. Kushal Das kushaldas at Wed Feb 25 04:23:25 UTC 2015. Previous message: [Ambassadors] [Event Report] I Love Fedora Meetup @ Open Labs Albania; Next message: [Ambassadors] Promoting other distributions and conflict ...
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Reading through I noticed a line item about a meeting "The team also discussed consolidating of resources for Bengali, India (bn-IN) and Bengali, Bangla Desh (bn-BD) locales."

Looking up I asked a few of the participants if they could provide additional information and context. Since not enough information was forthcoming, I wrote to the dev-l10n list for the #Mozilla   project (!msg/ seeking to understand the actual problem that is being addressed. 

It has been a while since I've written in and I am yet to read a response which can help me understand the meeting topic:

"Consolidating Resources for Bengali" 
Proposed by Peiying 
Participants: Axel, Jeff, Biraj, Mak, Pei, Gen, Brian, SoumyaC 
One volunteer's story of Mozilla's Coincidental Work Week in Portland, Oregon.
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sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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It was 5am as we set off from Chandpai forest station, heading south into the Sundarbans. A thick dark fog hung sullenly about us. A few kilometers on, visibility beyond the prow fell to near zero, forcing us to dock mid-river. As we waited, voices rang out from somewhere in the thick blur: ...
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I have been trying out for a few days. The app is well designed but does have its own minimalist quirks that are sometimes a distraction. And I realized that it is a good thing to go back to the photographs I have marked as favorites ( There is always a new thing or, something I had previously not figured out.
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Husband, friend, book reviewer and, an all round nice guy
i hope for a time when neither magic and nor sufficiently advanced technology will be unavailable to a large section of the society

i post on G+ and am available at sankarshan at pobox dot com. is my LinkedIn profile.

To catch me on IRC, try Freenode and, look for sankarshan or, _sankarshan
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