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Samuel Lavoie
Making sites Findable by humans and the likes.
Making sites Findable by humans and the likes.

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What's it like to be a startup founder in 2016? +First Round Capital surveyed 700+ leaders to find out!
- Alphabet was top as the most sought-after acquirer
- Not surprisingly men and women disagree on the cause of tech’s diversity problem
- Founders’ top concerns are talent and customer acquisition
and more 👇

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How UpBuild Make a Remote Team Work - constant communications and efficient tools Slack Trello

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Google's rolling out +Google Analytics  new desktop UI. Simplified customization, reports & accounts switching and at last, a "last 7 days" date rage option!

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Are you charging too low or too much for SEO consulting services? Clients, here's what to expect: 

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Great marketing by +MailChimp true to their brand and amazing digital execution, they now own the search space even more!

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"Data-Driven" Campaigns killing the US Democratic Party OR the Republicans just got better at the game of using data for a strong narrative framing and emotional storytelling informed by data.

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No more virtual offices as fake local businesses 👏
Google My Business just updated the guidelines. Virtual offices are not allowed to be used by service area businesses.

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A few Key Takeaways of the 2016 Local SEO Industry Survey by @BrightLocal:
SEOs are more and more specializing 3 or fewer verticals
on average local business pays $1,300 per month
25% of SEOs do not contact any new leads per month (mostly inbound)
minimum client retainer are still low at about $500 per month

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Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you use multiple browsers. Using a large list of computer fingerprints. Fingerprinting based on many novel OS and hardware level features, e.g., these from graphics card, CPU, audio stack, and installed fonts and writing scripts. #noprivacy

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The Two Types of Product Virality: Pull vs. Distribution Product Virality
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