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1 . What was your reason for reaching out to the Samsung Support social media team? What was your reason for reaching out to the Samsung Support social media team? How-to/Troubleshooting for Samsung p...
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Most often experiencing ringing problem on incoming calls
Sorry +Mohideen Vps.! Did you get that issue resolved? If not, can you tell me which device and carrier you have to better assist?
+Samsung Support USA ! No it is not sort out, my model is galaxy s2 and the provider is mobily saudi arabia, pls don't reply that u support only US device,I am fed up of this answer.let me know the way to get it
Tony B
Samsung Dishwasher: Died after 1 year. No support AT ALL. Paid 3rd party for repair last month. Dead again. These things aren't worth $500. DO NOT BUY Samsung kitchen appliances.
Hi +Tony B We apologize for the delay. We're more than happy to help you and look into your case. Do you have a transaction or ticket # from when you spoke to Samsung customer service?
Worst C/S ever Samsung is Junk. White dot CA Lawsuit and you call and the reps say what CA lawsuit. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND IT IS 100% JUNK.
ICS on AT&T Galaxy SII coming?
Sorry! We don't have any news at this time concerning #ICS but please stay tuned. Thanks!
Not Samsung's fault except for partnering with Best Buy. Best Buy does not have support site on G+ (no surprise) so I am venting here. I pre-ordered the Galaxy Note from Best Buy for delivery on the 17th and it didn't come. I called and after 20 minutes on hold they said, 'It won't be here until Sunday and we will ship it then." I said it was supposed to be here today and they just said well we won't get it until Sunday. No notification that it would be late and not even an acknowledgement that it was late much less any apology. I stayed home because it needs a signature supposedly for delivery which I can't do again; who knows when it will really come. I guess I will just forget about the free case you get for the Best Buy order, just cancel the online order and pick one up Sunday in person. First and last time I order anything online from Best Buy. Waaa.
Tony B
I have too much time invested in this crappy dishwasher. Every time it was serviced, I had to take a day off work. Two days off is a new dishwasher for me. Samsung cannot resolve that, can they?
you are kidding right? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 (Verizon 4G LTE) – 32GB Metallic Gray Model #: SCH-I905UKAVZW, which I have had a problem with for 3 months now. I have sent tweets to twitter support, emails to email support, wasted hours online with chat support and neither of my issues is any closer to being resolve than they were 3 months ago. I am so tired of even trying that I tempted to simply box my tablet up and send it back to you. Not to fix but to simply keep so I don't have to deal with it anymore. If I could get out of the data plan contract, I would give the damn thing away.
Sorry! +Denzel Eslinger Thanks for your patience! Can you tell me sepcifically what issues you are having along with troubleshooting steps you have already tried? I'd be happy to try and help!
I would like to know when Samsung will release Android 4.0.4 for Rogers Galaxy Nexus Phones as Google has already released this. Would be nice to get this update without rooting my phone to fix the software issues associated with 4.0.1 that i am still stuck on.
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