Lots of great posters in this circle, to get you started if you (for some oddball reason) don't have bunches of circles yet in G+. I have a number of these people in a "can't miss" kind of circle, and just added the rest to my standard "everybody" circle to get in more awesomeness in my stream.

Make it so!
The below circle is an eclectic group of active, and interactive, Plussers. A cross section of G+ engagers; local and global, photographers and chefs, the average Joe Blo and the high profile poster, left wing and right wing, conservative and liberal, leaders and followers... a positive addition to any stream. Adding this circle will certainly not result in the reported G+ ghost town.

A circle such as this touches on all walks of life, opinions, interests and sensitivities. By its nature, it contains people who you may not agree with, like or care to interact with. That's OK It's designed to evolve. It's intended to be a good starting point from which to build other circles and create other relationships. I can almost guarantee you that there are people in here who's posts you will want to mute (not mine of course), and others who's posts you will treasure. People you will love and people you will love to hate. Tweak the circle to your own personal tastes. The one thing that everyone in this circle has in common though, is a desire to interact, and a respect for the G+ community.

The original purpose for putting this circle together, as many are aware, was to open up a whole new side of G+ to a Facebooker who, being far from unique, commented that G+ was a wasteland of no activity. I put to him the challenge that by adding this circle, his stream would fill with all sorts of weird and wonderful content. He accepted the challenge and without further ado, I introduce you all to +Mic Cullen (Be nice, he's still fleshing out his profile)

I have made this circle public and notified +CircleCount so you should be able to see the circle over there.

If you have been notified (via email) of this post, it's because you're in the circle! Please be assured that I do not use notifications of this type often, and have no intention of flooding your inboxes.
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