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Commercial, editorial, and portrait photography
Commercial, editorial, and portrait photography

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23 years ago. Spoken by a great artist. Relevant.

Creative peers: did you enter corporate communications "to pay the bills" after studying fine art? Do you have regrets?

Reinforced last night at FOTOFOCUS: purposeful artist led communities create real change. #designthinking

If you have a goal and you have a determination to act, simply stay the course. You can overthink planning.

Neither your lack of experience nor your lack of capital is holding you back; it's your lack of commitment to action.

To my creative peers: avoid what this election cycle is trying to teach you; depth and substance still matter most.

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Turning to walk up the stairs, I caught sight of the juxtaposition of blue and gold through the screen window.

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A Portrait and a Clock | samlowephoto

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Get the free guide: How to Star in Your Environmental Portrait —

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This is a powerful photo essay on the present. Please see.
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