It's fun to have 1st world problems.
You have GOT to be kidding me. The Google Apps Profile transfer tool is available now to move Google+ accounts over for Google Apps users...and it's WOEFULLY inadequate. I'm shocked.

I am agog. It just moves circles and takes a week to do it. I will lose all my posts, comments, everything. Worse yet, authorship info isn't moved either! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WILL NEVER BE RID OF THIS THROWAWAY GMAIL ACCOUNT!!

When the transfer is complete, your circles, blocks, and ignores are copied from the source account to the destination account. Circles in the destination account with the same names are merged. Content from your source account (such as profile information, posts, or comments) is not transferred to the destination account. Similarly, authorship information and Google+ pages that you manage with your source account will not be transferred to the destination account. However, this content, pages, and authorship information still exist in your source account.

+1 and Reshare if you think this is a PROBLEM
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