I'd like to replicate this. I propose a very simple experiment: 

Every Monday and Wednesday, for 5 weeks, I will send 10 people across the US a single postcard selected at random from three types: Christian, Atheist, and neutral.

The recipients will report the date stamped on the card, the date of receipt, and the type of card received. 100 in each of 3 categories should be enough to detect any variation.

1. If you'd be willing to be a recipient and are in the continental US, please contact me privately with your mailing address. Please note that you MUST check your mail every day for about two months — I want to be sure that I get accurate delivery times.

2. I could use a delivery of postcards to use. They should be 100 extremely Christian, 100 extremely Atheist, and 100 total bland nature photography. If you can provide this, please contact me privately.
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