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I'll take this. Sounds fun.
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Me, too. Maybe we should set up a hangout study group for the tough parts :P
Totally. How's this: please comment here if you're going to take it, add each other to a ML circle.
Fair warning though: I'm a mathematician by profession, and just finished a 3-year stint at Stanford doing research into novel methods for data analysis. ;-)
Add me :-) I'll smake a circle for it when I get home.
Norv N.
Cool. Signing up, thank you for sharing.
sounds cool. Is there a link to to the pre-reqs?
Signed up and added everyone so far to a new circle
Signed up for both this and the AI class.
signed up to db, ml and ai! Love to have a combined hang out to motivate learning.
I'll just comment here to try to get in on the circley goodness (a bit late).
I'm planning on signing up for the ML and database classes.
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