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Even more explicit from +Robert Scoble saying he just doesn't like how Skud (aka +K Robert)'s name looks:

"Clearly Google doesn't want someone named "Skud" here, even though she goes by that nearly everywhere. This is being done for aesthetic reasons and +Vic Gundotra has already said that they will add pseudonym support in the future."

+Nathaniel Offer and SKUD isn't welcome here unless she uses a common name. I can read her elsewhere. No reason that Google+ needs to be for everyone."

+Robert Scoble and Google Profiles support clearly interpret the policy as requiring a common name as in a normal Western name, rather than the name you're commonly known by as in the name that your actual friends call you.

That's not racist exactly, but it's about as cultureist ethnocentrically bigoted as one can get.

+Bradley Horowitz and +Vic Gundotra, please repudiate +Robert Scoble on this or you are going to get excoriated in the press. He certainly seems to think that his views are consonant with Vic's, and so far, your support team's behavior supports that.

/cc +Liz Fong +Natalie Villalobos +Frances Haugen
How to anonymously post 'Scoble is a butthead' on Google+ OK, Google+ forces a "common name" policy. So, it seems like you can't post here anonymously…
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Not quite racist, but perhaps ethnocentric? Xenophobic? Bigoted?

Borderline evil?
Just because he used big words, doesn't mean he's not saying "I like the real sounding name idea because it looks pretty"
Too bad for the other half of the world that doesn't even use Latin/Roman characters as their main language
Wow, I thought Scoble might have been posting that comment about Skud tongue-in-cheek until I looked at the original thread. What a complete ass.
If someone is fine with Hong Kong names being excluded because he doesn't think they're aesthetically pleasing, I think "racist" is actually the correct word.
/me creates new gmail account, creates new G+ profile named "Robert Scoble", posts "Scoble is a butthead"

Problem? <trollface.jpg>
Not to mention that if "Clearly Google doesn't want someone named 'Skud' here, even though she goes by that nearly everywhere" is true, that flies in the face of the stated policy, which explicitly says: "Your common name is the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you."

And yeah, I don't think "racist" is an exaggeration. Inflammatory, maybe, but if the shoe fits...
HK, China, Taiwan, Thai, any Arab country.... oh yeah, racist sounds about right :)
I'd say imperialist rather than racist.
I really want to see him asking everyone for their ID, their employment history, their photo albums and keys to their home wherever he goes.

Until then he has no business demanding to know people's names here.
He's suggested that technique before. Sure. You're in the closet and you want to say something about gay rights, and so you use that technique. Think it's going to fool anyone?

That's not just bad advice, it's dangerous advice.
+Antonio Romero If you push him on that, he'll simply say "Google+ is not for everyone, there are plenty of other sites."
+Todd Vierling awesome, but my point was that anonymity is impossible to stop here if one puts even a little bit of dedication into it.

+Kee Hinckley I guess that's true, I just can't figure out how he can make such demands of people he's not even going to notice anyway (unlike in RL where you just can't not interact with other people)
+Antonio Romero He doesn't like them showing up in the comments. Sadly, he's not the only one who feels that image is more important than substance.
+Kee Hinckley Well, that's a good point actually. Which is why I'd not just like G+ to rethink their names policy but also give people the tools to avoid people they don't want. Blocking people is there but it's clearly not enough.
+Sai . Source on Vic saying for sure that there will be nym support? I haven't seen this and would like to.
I believe that Scoble's interview (dinner) with Vic post mentioned that Vic said they were thinking about it. I'm sure he didn't promise it in that post though, nor would he have anywhere else. You don't promise feature like that.
+Bradley Horowitz's post a couple weeks ago did promise elliptically that they were going to someday have something for pseudonyms maybe.
Norv N.
I think this is exactly the "fancy restaurant" policy we were trying to brainstorm on at some point... I don't really doubt Google has to have some pseudonyms handling (I wonder how famous one must be, though, heh, otherwise you're either nowhere or clearly marked as "second class" of sorts), though.
It's all about how 'we don't like your kind around here' ... but if you act like us or at least try to look like us ... maybe you will be accepted - nice prejudice showing there ... just sayin ;-)
+Todd Vierling - ha ... I forgot I had commented in there ... hehehe ... exactly - it's prejudice and the very embodiment of xenophobia ... (taking xeno as not just foreign .. it's also 'strange, different, etc in many dictionaries) ...
I think Vic probably asked him to write that.
Now, why on earth would Mr. Scoble 180 so fast :| I'll give that he's human like the rest of us and free to change his mind, but, he seemed really adamant before that post :/
That's am amazingly encouraging sign. I think a lot of people who were on the fence are tired of the discussion getting in the way of actually using Google+. They want it to just go away, even if it means dropping the policy.
Who knows whether Robert's really 180'ed or was just posting in the heat of the moment ... in any case, he knows M3 and can relate to him, and so is now seeing the issue from the perspective of somebody who's being unfairly targeted by the policies.

People say "The guy who sold me _cameras..._"
Fanboys specify Nikon/Canon.
Pretentious... people make sure you know it's an effing Hasselblad.

Really, I think he was trying to be sarcastic.
Norv N.
Love this from the thread:
Parents, please get google's blessing on a name before you give it to your posterity. You will only make their life more difficult if the potentate of the internet deems the name you lovingly and unconventionally ascribe to your new baby isn't normal by their standards . (quote from Chris Peters)
+Todd Vierling To be fair, I was a photojournalism person, so Leicas just didn't come up. Probably just because newspapers/college journalism dept. usually chose Nikon/Canon for pool equipment, and it was those pretentious fashion/art kids w/$$$ name-dropping the Hasselblads.

My Panasonic DMC-LZ8 has a Leica lens, but I bought it because it was $100 yet still had full manual exposure control.
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