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ETA: Never mind the below; this version rules them all. Fully zoomable! 

For today's ginormous XKCD, here are some full versions /via hackernews:

1/8 scale (256x256 tiles): 
1/4 scale (512x512 tiles): 
1/2 scale (1024x1024 tiles): 
full size (2048x2048 tiles): 
high res PDF

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Not sure how anyone was supposed to find the things in the sky/underwater besides random luck. Most of them don't have any hints and exhaustive search seems prohibitively difficult with the original interface.
Thanks +Sai. I trawled through the page source and .js files but I couldn't find a link to the source image. 
You could get lost for some time finding all the nuggets. I liked tile 8s17w
I just found this after spending like 20 minutes clicking and dragging. My hand is cramping. I got lost underground for a long time...
Its pretty awesome. Kinda wish we did it!
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