Attached is a writeup of the Logan TSA's illegal search & seizure, illegal detention, and literal, retaliatory deprivation of my freedom of speech based on my disability. It includes a listing of claims, a detailed chronological description of events, and a list of what relief I'm seeking. Please feel free to share this with anyone who can help. (Possibly more readable:

ETA4: I've now filed formal complaints with Logan Airport ADA Coordinator and the national TSA Office of Civil Rights and Liberties; the Massachusetts Attorney General's Civil Rights Division; the Department of Justice's Disability Rights office, and the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination.

If there's anyone else I can work with, whether State, disability advocates, civil rights advocates, or private litigators, please put me in contact.

I've also filed FOIA / Privacy Act / evidence preservation demands on the national TSA; Logan police; Officer Coleman; Logan corporate security; TSA Agent Kukula; TSA Agent Tonge-Riley; and Logan TSA Federal Security Director George Naccara.

Now we wait and see what happens. Their ball.

I'm definitely interested in finding a lawyer to pursue civil litigation — though I think tactically it would be better to put actual action on that front on pause pending the results of FOIA and complaints, that doesn't preclude getting good representation in the meantime. :-)

So: lawyer qualified to MA bar, interested in suing the TSA for Bivens etc etc claims — let's talk. :-)


ETA5: Received FOIA response from Massport:
My counter-response:

ETA6: Their counter-response:

Next up: I need to file a formal administrative appeal of the FOIA denial.

Something that would help: I know that the TSA has released checkpoint video before. Can someone please find any/all citations of this they can find — the more official the better? (That is, other than the videos posted at, which I cited in my counter-response.)
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