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Anyone able to find anti-gay policy statements? He otherwise qualifies, but I don't list people unless they were somehow actively opposing gay rights.
Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby, arrested last week on an indecent exposure charge, will not resign from his 4th District seat and plans to attend Monday's board meeting to vote on the propose...
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It is a list of GOP hypocrites.  Folks that are commonly for 'high moral values.' And they want to legislate what they often believe to be their Family Values on the rest of us.  The list further illustrates that the GOP are not anyone's Moral Leaders.  I am not trying to equate pedophilia with people that love someone else of the same sex.  I was interested in seeing Sai's list for that similarity. 
+John Despujols I don't list people because they're Republican. Party or religious affiliation is completely irrelevant to me. I have three simple criteria:
1. has power
2. uses it for anti-gay agenda
3. closeted themselves (i.e. hypocritical)

It happens that there aren't a whole lot of Democrats who fit those requirements, but that's not my fault. :P
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