Dear everyone who is concerned about #nymwars:

1. Go to your profile page. Click 'send feedback'. Highlight your name. Submit your suggestions.

NOTE: It is very important that you submit your feedback exactly like this. If you do it elsewhere (e.g. highlighting names in a post, instead of your name on your profile page), then it won't get collated as accurately.

2. Google specifically requests that you send separate feedback for separate issues. So if, for instance, you feel there are separate parts of what is broken about naming, or you have separate ideas for possible fixes, please repeat #1 for each of them.

Please put particular emphasis on specific, constructive suggestions for ways to improve the system.

3. Please reshare this post as widely as possible.

We're beta testers, right? It's our job to help the G+ team improve this system. Let's help Google+ by translating our dialogue into direct, quantifiable and constructive feedback that will be noticed by the Google+ team. Remember, they don't read all your posts and comments, but they do read all of your feedback.

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