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Stuffed cat quadcopter. Both creepy and awesome.

h/t +Alex Fink /via
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He said "Well I was in mourning for 2 days, and then I decided, lets do something fun!" 
I love the Airwolf music in the background. 
And now someone just needs to do this with a pig?

+Sai Surely there'd be some way to keep the body cavity rigid but empty? (Or, better yet, filled with something lighter than air!)
Omg, Caturday will never be the same after this.I thought I'd seen the most horrible taxidermy the internet had to offer. Now I know I have. Well, until someone makes the Bacon Bomber, Porky Plane or whatever they'll call it. I just hope it has laser beam spotlights for eyes.
I didn't even know I needed one of these until I saw this......Der Moussshe der moussshe!!!!
i love the added 'cow herding feature' this flying cat possess. i mean a dog herding cows? sure, that's been done. but a CAT! awesomenessesesess!! xDD
if i had me one of those cat copters i'd chase one of them cows right on my grill.
Oh, by the way, I'm sharing this on Facebook. Now everyone will think I'm crazy, especially since I pointed out that a human dissection video was in the related videos.... and now I really want some beef jerky.
we don't have face books here. hahhahahaha j. (just kidding)
That cat should be thankful. When I die, I want the same thing to happen to me, except I wanna be flown over New York or something. +1 this if u agree with me!!!
Was I the only one that caught the old Air Wolf track they played during flight? haha
poor kitties! somebody punch them
I'd like to try that with you two D*** Heads. Hate You !
ive got 3 things 2 say bout dat
1.thats pimp
2.its the next new rc
and3.i would lmao if a cow kicked him for that...hahahahahaha
I am looking for a mouse that can do they can play cat and mouse game
The next time your neighbor's dog chases your cat, just pull this sucka out and chase the dog. The poor mutt will be traumatised for life :-)
Is that an F-14 Tomcat? :P
i think its a Cessna AT-17 Bobcat

I wonder if it's too late to dig up my mum and try this on her.....
Monty M
WOW - I read a book called 101 Uses for a Dead Cat - I don't think this was in there.
Creepy ... Does he say it's HIS cat? He must of reaaaaally hate that cat
Who said you needed a dog to herd cattle...
This nut is disturbed; the shirt was the first clue.
I betcha this cat will not right itself if it goes down! ;)
+Sai, he initially got two cats for the purpose of hunting mice. He named them after the Wright brothers. One of them (Orville) was hit by a car and died, and after two days of mourning he decided he had to do something fun with Orville. He kept him in the freezer (next to the frozen snacks) for 6 months to give him time to develop his idea. What you see is the end result. Bart himself can't fly with his cat yet lest he crash Orville; he wants to take quadcopter flying lessons first.
welp, I guess that makes use number 102 for a dead cat.
It was a short cartoon book from the 80's called "101 Uses for a dead cat".  Off color British humor.  Think Monty Python dead parrot sketch but not as good.  ISBN#: 978-0517545164 if you want to look it up.
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