TSA update: I WON.

The court agreed that TSA's refusal to respond to my Rehab Act complaints was unreasonable and unlawfully delayed, and ordered them to respond to the outstanding one (about SFO) within about a month. (It's been 3 years. They were supposed, and promised, to respond in 6 months.)

The court said some of the claims I made are improper due to Westfall Act applicability (if you know what it is, that's enough; if you don't, you probably don't care), and that others (the more important ones) are dismissed without prejudice due to failure to exhaust FTCA remedy first. (I'll have to counter with compelling them to respond to my FTCA caims, 'cause that too has been unlawfully delayed.)

The court also explicitly denied my IFP privacy motion. In some sense, that's a good thing — it sets things up for a nicely parallel set of appeals in 1st & DC Circuits on the exact same question. Hopefully they will directly disagree, and we can go back to SCOTUS with an unimpeachably perfect split, which'd be more likely to get granted cert.

Read the opinion for yourself. I think it's fairly understandable. Doc # 88-89.

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