We are happy to share this customer success story featuring  Dollar Thrifty Auto Group and Sage SalesLogix!

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc. is a Fortune 1000 company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Driven by the mission, Value Every Time, the company’s brands, Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental, serve value-conscious travelers in approximately 70 countries. The company has over 1,475 corporate and franchised locations worldwide, including over 836 in the United States and Canada, and operates in virtually all of the top U.S. and Canadian airport markets. To communicate effectively with its corporate customers and win new deals, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group relies on Sage SalesLogix.

Create a Centralized Customer Database
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group employs dozens of field sales representatives who operate from home offices across North America. Before the company implemented Sage SalesLogix, each representative had been using ACT! by Sage on their laptop computers. Kristi Benton, manager in the sales support department of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, explains the situation the company faced: “Because all of the representatives’ information was stored locally, the corporate office had no access to it; nor did the representatives have access to updated customer information from the corporate office.”

The situation came to a head when the sales force grew three-fold in just a few months. “The problem instantly multiplied,” says Benton. “We needed a more powerful, centralized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database that our representatives could access anytime and from anywhere.”

The company looked at several CRM systems, including ACT! by Sage Premium, Oracle, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CRM before selecting Sage SalesLogix as its solution. “Our accounting software is JD
Edwards, so there was a strong push to use its CRM system, however the remote access and data synchronization capabilities in Sage SalesLogix are stronger,” explains Benton. “Combine that with its intuitive navigation, scalability, and customization flexibility and it came out the winner.”

Integrate With Your Website and ERP
The architecture of Sage SalesLogix lends itself beautifully to integration with other applications, including the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group website and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. To facilitate the required data mapping and transfer between applications, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
uses Scribe Insight, an add-on solution for Sage SalesLogix.

As a visitor completes a form on the company’s website to indicate interest, the new opportunity is captured and the data is sent directly to Sage SalesLogix where it is automatically routed, based on geographic location, to the appropriate sales representative.

The Leads database within Sage SalesLogix is used to track the status of the new corporate accounts as they are pursued from initial contact through contract execution. “We added additional fields and altered the processing to suit the way we operate,” says Benton. “Now, when we indicate that we have received a signed contract, a notification message is automatically sent to
our accounting software for new customer setup and billing.”

Before Sage SalesLogix, this process was a manual one, with the representatives sending the signed contract to the office where it was scanned and filed and the customer setup process was completed manually. “We get the deal in motion more quickly now, and with much less overhead,” says Benton.

Improve Cross-Department Communication
The field sales force at Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group relies on Sage SalesLogix to track appointments, tasks, and phone calls. The information they record is available to their sales managers and to the accounting staff in the home office, boosting crossdepartment communication.

“Previously, we had instances where our credit department might place a customer on hold for slow payment without knowing that the sales representative was already working on the situation, perhaps speaking with a different contact at the company,” explains Benton. “Now, both accounting and sales are working from the same database and the result is a more
cohesive approach to serving our customers.

“The reaction from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive,” Benton continues. “They are getting the information they need faster and with less work than before.”

Deliver Sales Management Tools
With accessible, real-time data at their fingertips, the company’s management can easily track the status of contract negotiations and analyze the reasons behind both wins and losses. Dashboards within the software provide sales managers with vital information like top performers, number of open opportunities, and the status of those opportunities. This information was impossible to obtain before Sage SalesLogix and it allows the managers to work with their representatives to overcome hurdles in the sales process and win more deals. “Managers will analyze this information to see where a particular representative might need some coaching to help them build their sales volume,” Benton explains.

Benton says the department’s success with Sage SalesLogix is causing other departments within the company to consider adopting the software too. “They see the success we’ve achieved by establishing a powerful centralized customer communications tool,” she concludes.
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