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Sage DacEasy Provides Grounds for Success for Kona Farms

Only coffee grown on about 2,300 acres on the western volcanic slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the big island of Hawaii can accurately be called Kona coffee. Here, sunny mornings, humid afternoons, and mild evenings create the ideal growing conditions, earning Kona coffee a reputation for excellence that makes it one of the most expensive and sought after coffees in the world. Kona Farms, LLC cultivates 38 acres of Kona coffee, exporting much of its crop to Japan and roasting and selling the balance to sophisticated connoisseurs throughout the United States and directly to those lucky enough to visit the farm in person. For an accurate, efficient, and complete accounting solution to help manage its busy operation and distributed workforce, Kona Farms relies on Sage DacEasy.

Hand-Picked Solution

Bruce Birt, CFO and co-owner of Kona Farms, knows Sage DacEasy well through his role as a Sage DacEasy Certified Consultant and having used it as the accounting solution for several of his other business ventures. Therefore, when he and his partners purchased Kona Farms, he wasted little time in replacing the existing QuickBooks® accounting software with Sage DacEasy. “I wasn’t comfortable with QuickBooks,” he recalls. “Back then anyway, it would allow users to change prior year transactions. I run the business from Las Vegas, 3,000 miles from Hawaii, and felt we needed tighter controls and a better audit trail than QuickBooks could provide.” Another factor in the decision to switch from QuickBooks to Sage DacEasy was its available Point-of-Sale module. “We have plans to open a store at the farm and then expand to other locations, and Sage DacEasy offers both wholesale and retail capabilities,” says Birt. “It is really an ideal solution for a small, but rapidly growing enterprise like Kona Farms.”

Delivering Customer Perks

As a boutique coffee roaster, Kona Farms works hard to deliver not just exceptional coffee, but exceptional service. Darcee Lucas, Kona Farm’s roastmaster and director of operations, explains, “Customer intimacy is a vital part of our success. We are passionate about our work and show that by anticipating our customers’ needs and delivering on our promises.”
Sage DacEasy helps Kona Farms deliver a high level of service by providing extensive note functionality throughout the software. “In Sage DacEasy, I can keep detailed notes from every customer interaction,” Lucas says. “For example, I’ll note a customer’s favorite coffee blend, so I have that information handy the next time I talk to the customer.” In addition, Sage DacEasy keeps complete customer sales history details, so Lucas can quickly recreate an order based on the customer’s previous buying experience. Multiple ship-to address capability makes it easy to complete orders when a customer orders coffee to be shipped directly to recipients as gifts.

Double Shot Of Data — To Go

The Sage DacEasy Payroll module makes it a snap to complete payroll processing for Kona Farms’ 15 employees. The company is able to track extensive information concerning its employees, using up to 12 user-defined fields, up to 30 user-defined earnings and deductions, and 12 user-defined liabilities. “I run payroll here and ship the checks to Hawaii for next-day
delivery,” Birt says.

Bean Counting
Lucas relies on the comprehensive sales history reports Sage DacEasy offers to develop accurate sales forecasts. “For example, I can look at how many pounds of each variety we sold during the same period last year, and then use that information to determine how much of each variety to roast.” Birt has developed customized financial statements that provide the precise information he and his partners need to make better business decisions. “I can see three years of data on one report; this makes it easy to make year-over-year comparisons,” he notes. “Plus, I have a monthly report that gives me a rolling 12 months of information, making it an ideal planning and projection tool.”

Expanded Sales Opportunities

The company’s retail store is set to open shortly, and will utilize the Sage DacEasy Point of Sale module, a powerful, easy-touse solution that interfaces with the accounting and inventory components of the software. “By using the Sage DacEasy Point of Sale module, we will be able to track our inventory and sales data easily and effectively,” says Lucas. The module supports cash drawers, bar-code scanners, receipt printers, and other common retail hardware devices to fully automate the sales process.

The Ideal Brew
“Sage DacEasy is solidly built. It can handle an enormous volume of data and works across a wide variety of industries,” concludes Birt. “Sage DacEasy is a great solution for Kona Farms–it’s the right combination of power, ease-of-use, security, and accessibility.”
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