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One of the buildings in my complex after a storm passed by.

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For those who use the unstable branch of +AngularJS and want to use Bower, I have updated my bower complete angular unstable repository to 1.1.4 :

I have been playing around with Sublime Text 2 and starting to seriously consider switching to it as my main code editor from my IDE which right now is PHPStorm.

The speed of Sublime Text along with the fuzzy search for files (which PHPStorm has however is not as good) and also fuzzy searching in files (which is does not seem like PHPStorm has) could have a good improvement on my over all efficiency in the text editor.  I would lose the autocomplete functionality and parameter tooltips however now that I am focusing more on front-end development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, I don't see it being that big of a deal.

I know there are extensions for Sublime Text 2 like SublimeCodeIntel however that only marginally improves the autocomplete and does not give tooltip help for parameters so for me it is no worth adding (plus I have heard some stcability issue with it too).

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I have been using CoffeeScript for the past few months and while I think it is descent and helpful in prevent common issues for people who don't have a deeper understanding of javascript , the fact that it completely changes the syntax is starting annoy me.

Learning about TypeScript for the past few days has me thinking that this is the better way to extend the JavaScript language (and of all people, its Microsoft who seems to be doing it right, at least from what I have seen).  Adding optional typing to JavaScript greatly increases what IDEs can do to help the developer's workflow by being able to provide better contextual help.  Also the fact that for the most part (besides the optional typing system) everything that is being added into TypeScript are proposals for ECMAScript 6 allows you to start using newer features that will be available come the next version of JavaScript.

The only concern I have right now is that if the proposals for ECMAScript 6 change, how will TypeScript handle those changes.  Things like CoffeeScript don't have to worry about that because they set there own standards.  I would hope that if TypeScript ever had to make changes that was not backwards compatible, they would have some sort of tool that would help in converting the old code into the new code.

I think overall TypeScript has the right approach to enhancing JavaScript.  Even though this is a Microsoft project, I don't have any fears that Microsoft  is trying to drive people into their development environment.  TypeScript is written in TypeScript.  TypeScript runs on any environment that runs JavaScript.  You can install TypeScript through npm.  Everything that is being included in TypeScript is either based on ECMAScript 6 proposals or is related to the optional static typing system.  It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.  The only tie to Microsoft is the that they are the ones who created it, everything else is open source and open standards based.

The only other thing that is Microsoft only right now as far as I can tell is that I don't know of any other IDE that supports TypeScript besides Visual Studio which is really the biggest thing TypeScript brings to the table.  My hope is that other IDEs (hopefully JetBrain's IDEs will be fast on this) will quickly add support for this language.

How do my fellow JavaScripters fell about TypeScript?

BTW, this has a video that is a pretty good overview of TypeScript:

I find it a bit ironic that the Chrome browser is used instead of IE.

Going to be starting the next chapter in my career with OnForce coming Oct 15th where I will be switching my focus from server-side LAMP development to client-side development with primarily JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

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After a bit of searching, I think I found the setup that give the best possible workflow for using git locally but still work with a remote mercurial repository. This stemmed because my new job uses mercurial but I really don't want to have to change my workflow in working with my version control system. It is not the prettiest but I think it will work :

Unite conference over, had a great time a learned a few things. Heading back to Boston for my 2nd conference on Monday about MongoDB.
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