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Ryan Diebel
An explorer and traveler of the planet Earth in the human form. ;-) [ earthtraveler5 ] RES 16
An explorer and traveler of the planet Earth in the human form. ;-) [ earthtraveler5 ] RES 16


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Thank you for your feedback regarding our Cassandra Prime Anomaly rules. Due to your input, we have changed the way the Prime Challenge will be scored. The new scoring method is described below.

Each Squad in the Prime Challenges will earn points based on performance and the completion of specific tasks, contributing to their Factions' Prime Challenge score. At the end of the Prime Challenge, the 50 available points will be distributed using a percentage distribution model based on the two scores.
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We have very important news. The #IngressPrime Beta is coming. The Ingress Prime Beta will be open to all Anomaly attendees who registered, checked-in, and hacked the registration Portal of any Cassandra Prime XM Anomaly event and 2018 Agent Olympiad participants no later than the end of September.

Access will initially be granted shortly after the July 28th #CassandraPrime XM Anomaly event to 50 randomly selected 2017 Camp Navarro Enlightened Agents as previously promised for winning the 2017 Navarro mini event.

Osiris Sequence POCs, 2018 Camp Navarro & Schloss Kaltenberg POCs and Tech Leads, as well as those who participated in a Prime Challenge during the Cassandra Prime XM Anomaly events will be granted access no later than the end of August.

Stay tuned for more ways to gain access to the beta program in the coming weeks and months - including social media campaigns, Mission Day participation, etc.

We reserve the right to add, remove or deny anyone access to the beta program at any time.

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Destroy and capture all the things :D
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earthtraveler5 's rainbow portal at the rainbow shaped, "Glen Huntington Bandshell" portal in Boulder, Colorado.

This was the site of the #Recursion Boulder anomaly that took place on

Relive that day by watching the #Recursion Boulder | INGRESS REPORT - EP51

Happy Pride Month. 🌈



Ingress Intel Link:,-105.278524&z=17&pll=40.01576,-105.278524

More Info:
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Does anyone know of a place that shows character cards along side the scanner image?

The scanner image for this card is what I am most interested in:

Have 2017 Hank Johnson and P. A. Chapeau.
Please let me know if interested.

TG: earthtraveler5

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Please join us.
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Liberates the world.

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. -Margaret Mead

+Ingress +Brian Peterson +Lynn Creager +Christine Jeffery +Andrew Krug +H. Richard Loeb

#DarkXMCure #RGNN

It seems like a lifetime ago, even though only four short weeks have passed. The DarkXM Challenge was announced, and our team in Colorado got busy with a contest to get our agents engaged and ready to fight for the Global Capture points. With 5 points at stake for each of the four measurements, it seemed like something worth fighting for. The hardest part - because of the Delta concept, each successive measurement would be harder to win than the one before it. Resistance, in order to win each measurement, would have to hold on to all the portals it had captured each measurement, and capture MORE for the next measurement. It seemed nearly impossible.

Then, out of nowhere, a simple idea hatched. Let’s challenge another city!

I reached out to my old friend, Agent +Jeffrey Matos from the NY/NJ area and proposed the idea of a Throw Down. Head to head. Our teams would battle to see who could capture the most portals in the 24 hour period before the measurement each Saturday. At first he thought I was crazy. But after hundreds of chicken emojis were blasted his way, his team consented to the battle, and our journey began.

Now, after the end of Measurement 4, I look back and smile. So many agents challenged to try their hardest, so many new friends made, so many portals captured. I won’t go on - you get the idea. The concept behind this challenge was brilliant. My team enjoyed and was engaged with every minute of it. All across the globe, Resistance pulled together and met our goal of at least two million portals for Measurement fact we exceeded it. Our contest was just a small part of that effort. But we felt like we made a difference.

Oh! - who won the throwdown for Measurement 4? Let us raise a toast to Chicago, the victor of our throwdown for two weeks in a row! Enjoy the stats below, and the photos acknowledging your awesomeness. You earned it!

Measurement 4 - The Areas and their POCs

Chicago - Victor73
Cleveland - Anisocial
Colorado - MysticalGnu
Indiana - bigmaggie
Indonesia - zaons
Malaysia - k9krol
Mexico - EvilWitch,coderal
NY/NJ Metro - PhoenixxKing
Philadelphia - thesolo
Portland - Sunnywoods
*Salt Lake City - Quetzali (assistant city recruiter)
San Diego - notoriouskid
Seattle - Fragger, FinneganJax
Vancouver, Canada - bryanfx

Measurement 4 Stats
Rankings (Based on top 5 player scores)
2314 - Chicago
2144 - NJ/NYC
2030 - Denver/Boulder
1288 - Philly
1044 - Indonesia
1015 - Malaysia
849 - Seattle
834 - Indiana
715 - Cleveland
662 - Vancouver
619 - San Diego*
614 - Portland

Total Portals Captured per Area
3703 - Chicago (30 Players)
3590 - Indonesia (61 Players)
3027 - Colorado (23 Players)
2129 - Seattle (22 Players)
1717 - Philly (13 Players)
1257 - Indiana (19 Players)
1192 - Portland (27 Players)
1183 - Malaysia (9 Players)
1065 - Vancouver (13 Players)
715 - Cleveland (5 Players)
629 - San Diego* (6 Players)

For the 24hr window before the measurement a total of 23144 portals were captured by 246 agents

Top 25 players week 4

malappropriated (Chicago) 921
earthtraveler5 (Denver/Boulder) 708
Mwadib (NJ/NYC) 695
NotoriousDYZ (NJ/NYC) 686
Falar1s (Chicago) 510
0eric0 (Denver/Boulder) 449
lordmilk (Denver/Boulder) 386
Luvnola (Chicago) 371
thesolo (Philly) 319
modularmodular (Denver/Boulder) 311
k9krol (Malaysia) 303
Chrestienne (Philly) 292
diamondlyj (NJ/NYC) 287
AvengingGinger (Chicago) 273
soulbender95v2 (Malaysia) 272
Fosveny (Philly) 269
IbukMu (Indonesia) 266
TBone54 (Indiana) 263
PhoenixxKing (NJ/NYC) 248
tyyuuiy (Malaysia) 241
TheRatt (Chicago) 239
deespys (NJ/NYC) 228
babyygroot (Indonesia) 218
bigal619 (San Diego) 212
ZephrySky (Philly) 209

Across all four measurements of our contest 292 players captured 51651 portals.

These are the top 10 players who participated in all 4 weeks of the Dark XM event:

earthtraveler5 2948
Mwadib 2670
NotoriousDYZ 2327
PhoenixxKing 1178
diamondlyj 775
0eric0 720
shnargle 692
deespys 672
Wolfyone 657

Well played, my friends. I admire you all. If I missed any of you, made any stupid mistakes, spelled something wrong, please forgive me and I'll owe you a beer when next we play together...

With love,

MysticalGnu (signing off until the next challenge comes our way.)
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Congratulations to the Resistance, who have won the #DarkXMCure event, 55 to 75. Incredible work by all who participated, but the Resistance Agents across the globe and in coordinated clusters of cities everywhere truly outshone their opponents.

Looking at the final scorecard, it's clear the Resistance worked hard to establish a lead early on, and then they kept the pressure high each consecutive day.

By successfully crowdsourcing the Global Portal Captures, they won 3 of the 4 Global Operation -- contributing a valuable 15 of the 20 point winning delta.

While the Enlightened held strong till the end, matching the Resistance city for city in the Phase Two Link Creation challenge on Day 4, and also dominating the Shard Operation in Fukuoka, the losses incurred on Days 2 and 3 of the event were too significant to be overcome.

The adventures catalogued on the #DarkXMCure speak the rest...

To all who joined this important mission -- who coordinated across the distances, braved the cold or the heat, farmed, cleared, captured, threw Links, strategized, operated and celebrated each incremental victory: Well done.

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