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For the first time in five years I'm leaving the iPhone and trying an Android device as my primary device. Here's how it's going!
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Interesting read.  Will follow.  Good luck
As a short thumbed fellow myself, I am totally with you re: putting interactive UI elements towards the bottom and passive ones to the top.

One place you're in control of that is your home screen. Put information displaying widgets to the top (clock,weather, etc.) and app icons you reach for often to the bottom.
Interested to see how this goes as an OG iPhone user myself. Android is getting more and more tempting. 
Looking forward to this ongoing project. 
+Ryan Block Very fair and balanced piece.  What I can say is "it gets better."  and better, and better.  A couple of tips: use widgets, give the multitasking button a real go (easy to forget about it) and try out Swiftkey 3.  The camera is awful in anything but brightly lit areas, that is true.  Once you get used to the freedom, iOS will seem constricting and claustrophobic.  iOS is like that hot aunt that is showing her age now, whereas ICS/JB is like a sexy girlfriend.
I like the feedback so far. It seems you are giving pretty good feedback and that your are using jelly bean.

Good luck and I'd especially like to see what you think of not being tied at the hip to iTunes for everything.
Sharing google music between me and wife was much more difficult than using iTunes. 
+Martin Robinson Yikes! If you ever decide to switch, maybe you could hand the iPhone (and the apps) to a family member (I hand all my phones down).  :0)
Been using waze and bought the tomtom app. 
Ryan - would you suggest the gnex over a n S3? I'd be on the sprint network if it matters. I do like the idea of clean android. But hardware seems better on s3 and I assume since it's sprint the gnex wouldn't get timely updates anyway. Or since it's lte it would? 
Hmm good point on the UK, users are its key. Could try it I suppose. But tomtom is spot on. 
As for the keyboard, try SwiftKey 3. I used to be horrible with virtual keyboards but SwiftKey makes me type well and fast. Use the rapid typing style and just type like crazy. As long as you hit the keys in the area that you were supposed to hit it'll correct you.
Interesting. I made the same switch today. I love the size and speed of the keyboard. Some things aren't S nice but I do need to give it some time to see how it goes.
One thing I dont like about this article is that it is supposed to be his comparison between his experiences in both environments, but will still say something negative about android while at the same time admitting that particular feature is better than iOS. There is some bias here, which I suppose is to be expected. Just saying, it bothered me.
+Frank Catena I see your point but +Ryan Block was very open in saying that he has been an iOS user since day 1 and that some of the articles might not favour Android and it was his impressions not reviewing it.   BUT maybe I missed something…. 
This is an awesome article. I can't wait for the others! I use both devices too, one for work and one for personal use, and I'll need to choose soon too. This really helps!
For me I have been back and forth.  I use the iPhone 4S using iOS6.  I used the Galaxy Nexus for 5 days.  I like it a lot and think that Android has come a long way.  The main problem I had with the Galaxy Nexus is the signal strength of cell and wifi.  I have much better signal with the iPhone 4S in the areas where I have little to no reception in the same areas.  
Was that a hspa+ gnex or lte version? 
HSPA+ and LTE.  I have used both and seem to have similar issues with both.  The LTE is slightly better signal wise
So Samsung still doesn't make a great radio. 
The Galaxy S III seems to be much better.  
Noooooo! I'm doing the other way around!
i just did the same thing more or less, and I still think the iPhone or rather iOS is my favorite.  

its the small things like double clicking when the phone is asleep to pause or play a podcast that was already started.  Quick access to same controls when in use too <double click, swipe>, and the swipe to respond to either a txt or email from the lock screen.  

I will miss the quick shortcuts to kill wifi or bluetooth etc, and the larger screen - but I feel the smaller form factor of the iPhone actually works "better" day in and day out... 

not slamming Android - I wouldn't be unhappy with an S3, just prefer my 4s. 
Welcome to the solution. Apple has become a problem with the frivolous lawsuit. 
Jeepers, +Ryan Block ! Watching the wrap up, so to speak, of #Expand and saw that it said you where -Ex Editor of #Engadget. One of my favorite people on the site. I didn't know you moved over to #GDGT . Well congrats! Change is always good! I'm just running out of my favorite folks on that site! I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to put this without being annoying. I mean, you have so many folks in your circle. 
Woah, July 6th. You not get on google+ that often?
Went back to iPhone, myself. Tired of messing with all the configuration options. Rather just get to business creating content and texting friends.

Nothing like updating dead threads on google+
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