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Apparently you can't add images to your comments. Wanted to add this to the automatic post that happens after I changed my profile photo.
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I'm pretty sure I'll have uploaded most of the library by the end of the evening.
i foresee my gdgt circle rapidly turning into the gdgtchan campfire stream
Damn.. I was hoping that'll somehow turn into an image :(
I kind of like keeping images out comments, keeps things more focused. Additionally, once you can put images in comments, then we'll have to contend with things like ads/spam and those lame "status" images people like to put on their forum posts.
+Andy Bakun True.. but I've also seen platforms where it's worked very well (Plurk for an example). I guess it all depends on the type of users using the site.
I like to post images on my comments... I hope they implement that features in the future
Would love to be able to post images to comments.
it's worse than texting without emoticons: being unable to comment with memes.
Definitely one function I wish Google+ would add
not likely - as you see in 4 years they didn't manage to do that
Am holding my breath until it happens.
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