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Anyone tried The last 2 commits in PackageInstaller ? It seems to be disabling the install button entirely even without any overlays installed

GZR should probably track their own android_development repo with this commit.. It fixes the crash while performing "Scan SD Card" in MediaProvider section.

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#Unofficial Update to tipsy for #MIDO is up.
Merged :
1) August security patches
2) 7.1.2_r33
And a version bump to v6.7

As usual, its unofficial so bug reports only in the xda thread.

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#UnOfficial Tipsy Update for #Surnia
-Aug security patches
-Merged Nougat r33

Get it here:
As usual, bug reports on surnia's xda thread. Not here. Enjoy :)

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#UNOFFICIAL updates of Tesla and Validus for Mido :D

Since it is unofficial please report bugs in the xda thread, not here.

-> Using OSS camera hal just like los
-> Reverts OmniVision blobs to an older state which hopefully fixes the issues users with ov sensor were having.
-> Camera now doesn't crash when taking videos longer than 1 min.



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#Unofficial Tipsy-Tempelier for Surnia is up!
*July patches have been merged.
*Enabled panic detection mode -
*Light theme is perfect! (If you see some left overs, a hot reboot will fix it)
Get drunk here :-P :

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