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Runners are strong. Runners are unstoppable. Runners are--Uh-oh, wait. Hold on, I need to charge up.
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Kinda true. I hate running without music. I always go farther and faster with some motivational songs!
LOL. I've had my ipod die on me mid run and it totally threw everything off the rest of the way.
You got to run for something more then music or weight loss like Sam Fox who just recently ran the same coast line on the pacific coast trail from Canada to Mexico raising $170,000.00 for the Micheal J. Fox foundation. It is easier to run and sometimes suffer with a purpose in mind other then running a distance or losing weight. Find your purpose as
I can run without an iPod, but I prefer to run with music. I won't stop or skip a run though because my music died.
You mean nothing can stop me unless my Nike Sport Band stops working
I think you meant nothing stops you :)
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