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In the May 2012 issue: A beginner’s guide to getting started + Profile of Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray + 3 exercises to save your knees + Excerpt from Alberto Salazar’s new book, 14 Minutes: A Running Legend’s Life and Death and Life + Why ditching gadgets can help your running + Quick pre-run snacks + Rain jacket reviews + I’m a Runner: Christy Turlington Burns

On the cover: Talaya Frazier, 36, who will run her sixth Boston Marathon this year.
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+Beer Runner: Do I put you in my 'Beer' circle or my 'Running' circle?
43 years old running my first 5k this may with each days train I'm getting a little better each time.
^^good job! Keep training, next thing you know, you'll be running marathons! 
Just getting started reading this issue. Some great content so far!
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