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Every runner loves support and inspiration. We give you a whole community of it and personalize a training plan just for you.
Every runner loves support and inspiration. We give you a whole community of it and personalize a training plan just for you.

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Good running economy helps your performance, we know that.

But did you know, if you consciously try to change your running form, you will end up LESS efficient.


We didnt either.

Researcher Dr Jordan Santos had some shocking results, including blowing the 180 cadence rule out of the water.

Tune in here, and let us know what surprised you the most.

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Have you ever tried to run away from your problems?

Running until your body was numb, so you could forget, just for a moment what was happening?

Ryan Shay passed away during mile 5 of the Olympic Trials Marathon in 2007, and Alicia Shay used running as a mechanism of coping.

Hear her story here.

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Every runner has a story. Luvo Manyonga went from Crystal meth addict to silver medalist.

Worth a read.

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Addicted to your GPS watch?

Don't worry, we are too.

But let's set a challenge, try one of these workouts without looking at paces.

Can you do it?

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Motivation for your Monday?

Gary Allen set up a free marathon this weekend to give Millinocket, Maine a boost.

Inspiring and heartwarming.

Definitely worth a read.

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One of our listeners recommended a "digital running bookshelf" of the best running books this year based on the Run to the Top Guest recommendations.

So that is what we did.

Give your running loved one a gift they will enjoy...although, don't blame us if you cannot divert their attention away from what they are reading :)

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Running gives so much fulfillment to our lives, but did you know that Back on My Feet is using running to turn their members lives around.

This is one of those episodes that will bring tears to your eyes, and if you want to see the good in this world, listen to this, you will change the way you feel....and of course, want to go for a run!

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Have you tried caffeinated gum?

Our author MissZippy1 wrote an in depth article in the Washington Post last week, and if you are on the fence, this might decide it for way or the other!

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We wanted to see what the science found about how much it actually helps injured runners stay in shape (or runners wanting to step up to the next level to improve their fitness).

So we did.

And here is what we found.

Have you tried one yet?

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The holidays bring fun and cherished moments.

But they can also bring fear, as you know you will have to work off those extra calories.

We have some sneaky tips to make smarter choices, without feeling like the party pooper!
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