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Even these wanna be ‪#GBBO‬ stars need somewhere to relax after a hard day! ‪#Jacuzzi

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For a while now I have known about the much anticipated new Jacuzzi hot tub model.  I knew it had been designed and costed for the lower end of the market; which has been a needed addition for the Jacuzzi hot tub range for some time.  Many Jacuzzi hot tub…

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The +The Daily Telegraph have published a story on the "Best hot tubs for your garden"

Four out of seven of the hot tubs are Jacuzzi hot tubs!

We always knew we were selling the best, but it's nice to have it confirmed :)

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Knowing how much you love everything hot tub, I thought you would be interested in the latest concept:

The Hot Tub Hammock - yes you have read it correctly. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like and how it works, here is the link

You will need to pay out around $1,310 to purchase one if the innovators manage to raise the capital they need to put it into production.

What do you think?

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Good morning!

How are you all?

I've just read a beautiful story of a nine year old girl's determination to help her friend have his hot tub wish.

Molly's friend Joel, has a serious muscular problem, which would be greatly relieved by spending time in water.

She was turned down at the last minute by the TV show Surprise Surprise and is now trying to raise £2,000 to buy a hot tub herself.

What a courageous and determined little girl.

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Hot Tub Hire We have been offering a hot tub hire service since 2008.  Our hire hot tubs have changed over the years.  I will never forget learning how to put together the first Spa-in-a-box and taking photos along the way! Those hot tubs didn’t last very…

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Anyone for Polo?

You will be in for a treat at Dallas Burston Fine & Country Polo Day.
Shopping villages, entertainment, helicopter tours and of course us.

If you are looking for some spiffing family entertainment on Sunday 5th July, then this is THE event to be at!

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Apparently today is National Splurge Day. I swear there is a day for everything (and am not even sure if splurge is an actual word - I'm sure you can correct me.)

Anyway if you are looking for a reason to splash out on a hot tub, here it is.

National Splurge Day was invented by American Eventologist Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, to create balance in our lives:

"On National Splurge Day it would be okay to buy overprized (I think she means over-priced) things and show everyone you can afford it. It is also possible to eat chocolate during a diet or to change clothes several times a day. However, exaggeration should be avoided or otherwise it would take all other days of the year to balance the debauchery on National Splurge Day..."

So Adrienne has spoken - Happy Splurging!

#Splurge   #NationalSplurgeDay  

I'm in the wrong job - only joking, but when I see how much money can be made in one night by putting a hot tub on a canal boat, it does make me think!

In all fairness, it does look lovely.

What do you think? Would you shell out £1,500 to stay here for the weekend?

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We're on countdown to The Royal Three Counties Show at Three Counties Showground in Malvern.

It is set to be a fab show. With special appearances from Adam Henson and Olympic Gold Medallist Carl Hester.

But the star of the show will of course be our stand. Pop along for a complimentary cup of tea.

#Hottub   #hottubshow  
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