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Animation the way you want... +10 points for pizzazz
Animation the way you want... +10 points for pizzazz

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Check out the fully edited video from our LIVE-streamed #RubberOnionBattle Talk of Dec2016's submissions!!

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BATTLE TALK! Here’s the edited together version of our special live episode of the podcast talking about all your awesome submissions to the #RubberOnionBattle for January 2017!

Topics & Timestamps

(4:54) Battle Talk
(5:11) Jzork
(9:55) Josie Smith
(16:03) Xenia Bougaevsky
(18:48) FlipCelArt
(23:55) Elizabeth Honer
(33:01) Hugh Triggs Jr
(41:06) K Universe
(49:12) Eric Polley
(54:52) Kelli Kloudchild
(1:03:22) Chris Rodriguez
(1:14:34) Rob Yulfo
(1:21:43) Stephen Brooks 

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Check out this Timelapse of me animating January 2017's #RubberOnionBattle "New Year's Resolution!"

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Check out all the awesome submissions to Jan's #RubberOnionBattle and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!

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So many things happened last weekend and even MORE is happening in February… this is a show all about that. And other things… you’ll see…

Topics & Timestamps

(5:49) Recap: Book Signing at Carmine Street Comics
(8:37) Recap: B-Day Party / #RubberOnionMeetup at Arcade
(10:20) Recap: B-Day Dinner at Mexican Restaurant
(12:30) Recap: Karaoke
(19:52) Recap: Dumb Sh!t Show screening encore
(27:11) Upcoming: First Live Brooklyn Show in February!!
(37:50) New Patreon rewards!!

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Come help me celebrate my Birthday this weekend with a book signing and hanging out at an arcade bar!! 

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SEGMENT EPISODE! In preparation for Stephen’s Birthday this weekend, we sip bourbon and talk about power rangers, wax intellectual on Patreon, and discuss the impending return of Samurai Jack. You know where this is going…
And you can now listen to us on SoundCloud!

Topics & Timestamps

(5:56) How You Doin “Stephen’s Birthday Book Signing & Meetup!”
(21:05) Greg Pugh and Ghostbusters in NYC
(35:26) Trailer Talk…
(35:42) Power Rangers trailer #2
(59:16) Animation News of the Week…
(1:00:04) Paul “Otaking77077” Johnson’s Patreon and Street Fighter fan film!
(1:43:34) Samurai Jack season 5 premiere date
(2:08:22) Rapid Fire!!!!!!! 

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Check out this Timelapse of me animating December's #RubberOnionBattle "Bad Gift!"

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The Patreon exclusive period for VIDEO #rubberonionpodcast 163 livestream is over... now EVERYONE can see it!
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