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IT services for rowing regattas
IT services for rowing regattas


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2013 has already seen its first regatta completed: the Hawkes Bay Cup regatta on the Clive River. Reports are of a great regatta and great weather. Here's looking forward to more of the same around the country this season!
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What a fantastic weekend of rowing we just had!

A preliminary count shows 3197 athletes on the water in 2541 crews
spread across 587 races for a grand total of 7,434km raced. Surely a
contender for NZ's biggest ever weekend of rowing.
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Karapiro: over 2000 athletes. Ruataniwha: almost 1000 athletes. Wellington: 200+ pupils. A HUGE weekend of rowing around New Zealand!
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Announced today. We've extended the ability of users to manage their crews online. Karapiro Rowing now has the ability to take crew change and scratching requests through the online system during a regatta.

If you can access crews while entries are open and you've got a internet capable device at the regatta then you can make crew change or scratching requests for those crews online during the regatta.

Using a device larger than a phone would be recommended (at least until a mobile optimized site becomes available) and there will still be situations where the paper change forms in the Control Tower are your only option (e.g. after a crew has raced its first race) but this new feature does offer clubs a convenient alternative to paper forms. It should also help improve the accuracy of the change requests Regatta Control receives. Win-win!

Expect Karapiro Rowing to have a period of exclusivity on the new feature, as they commissioned it, but it will become an option for all regatta hosts in due course.
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Good news. RowingNZ has made rowIT's entry system the official online entry system this season. Welcome on board South Islanders!
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The rowIT website has been updated to add the ability to show achievements or awards. The first batch of awards to be added are Auckland Rowing Association's 2012 awards. For some examples see:
~ Best Club:
~ Best L/W Female Rower:
~ Best Female School crew: 
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Numbers about 10% down on 2011 and 5% down on 2010. Hopefully this is only a quality vs quantity adjustment and not a loss of quality due to costs/recessions, etc
Preliminary stats: 1781 pupils (incl 84 reserves), 1288 crews, 118 schools, 409 races at the 2012 Aon Maadi Cup
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Had a big weekend up at NISSC. 3 hours of racing lost on Friday due to wind but there was enough spare time that afternoon to catch up. Saturday and Sunday were pretty much ideal conditions. Reports from SISSC indicated things were similarly good down there. Time now to think about Maadi!
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Entries for Maadi are now open. It's been a busy couple of weeks here!
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Entries for NZSSRA's North and South Island Champs are now open. You can't use rowIT logins for these regattas so will need to communicate with the school's Sports Coordinator to get the password if you're doing entries.
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