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Who's celebrating "Rat-Catcher's Day?" We've caught a few in toilets and sewers. How about you? #RatCatchersDay
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This is a must for your man cave if you're a saltwater fisherman. Whacked-Out Wednesday. #WOW
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Sink clogged? We know all about clog busting. We practically invented it. 1-800-GET-ROTO.
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The only reason I can imagine the previous identical thread has been removed is that it is an absolutely legitimate complaint.

Original post:

Let the buyer beware!!
From my experience Roto Rooter of Scranton which serves the surrounding areas including Wilkes-Barre and the Poconos, has a high rating because when the bill is presented for payment, not only does the technician rave about the Thursday motivational meetings that teach how to get the most from each customer, his skills at distraction are far better than that of plumbing or septic repair. What seems like a canned infomercial goes on about how every customer who leaves a review is entered into a drawing to win $500.
Since I am finally submitting a review, please consider this my entry. At least if I should win the drawing if in fact there is one, it will bring my loss to $3600 instead of $4100!
After this gleaming review of Roto Rooter, the technician went on to say that their charges are high because technicians work ON CALL and ON COMMISSION so they never know how much income to expect. The technician in question had a gofundme page for a few hundred dollar fix for his pick up truck, yet thinks it fine to steal from unsuspecting customers.
This same technician, who the Scranton office said was their most honest and capable employee disconnected the septic, illegally dumped over 1000 gallons of raw sewage on an adjacent property with a sump pump caused $4100 damage to date. By the time the repair is complete it will cost over $20,000.
I don't know why I didn't see the red flags other than the technician was highly recommended by HIS OWN representative. It sounds ridiculous now of course.
They at first brought a full truck of sewage and could only take 200 gallons. Apparently they tried to take more because it spilled over. You would think that would have been a sign, but I was still under the impression the happy representative who provided an official accolade was also honest. It got worse from there... much, much worse...
It took time to find a septic professional who could take on what had become an emergency. The fix was described as "putting a bandaid on the system", but not before filing for a permit because it is required by law. The Roto Rooter technician said it was not necessary for repairs and then proceeded to disconnect the drain field and redirect the entire septic system with ONE (1) 20 ft pipe in saturated clay that he had just released the drain field into. The following day, raw sewage came up through the drain into the house, something I had never experienced prior to the handy work of Roto Rooter's prized technician. I called to ask why it was happening and was informed that perhaps he had run over the pipe and pushed it back into the MUD! I've since learned that not only is 125 ft of pipes required for a house of this size. For goodness sake, I even applied for a permit for a fence!
All the while we were living without water, my dog developed a bacterial infection with a fever of 104.5! It was the turning point that led her to her last days. Hundreds of dollars were spent on her care as she struggled to survive.
I trusted Roto Rooter and from what I am reading, I was not alone. After all, the jingle. "away your troubles down the drain", has been heard for decades. Of course in our case it has become "away your beloved dog and financial stability down the drain!"
The Department of Environmental Protection has opened an investigation, while the manager of the Scranton office informed the office that oversees Roto Rooter's contractor division that he does not have any intention of questioning his employee or looking into this matter until the culmination of the investigation.
Further, when contacting the Scranton office, the representative insists Roto Rooter of Scranton is part of the corporate structure, however Roto Rooter's corporate office insists Roto Rooter of Scranton is a contractor using the Roto Rooter name. There isn't any way to enforce policy, if there is such a policy.
This post will be updated as new information becomes available.

Roto Rooter Corporate Response:

This customers fails to mention that she cut a side deal with a (now former) employee at that location who agreed to take cash from the customer in exchange for doing side work for less money - to be paid directly to him. The arrangement completely cut Roto Rooter out of the mix. There was no contract and no Roto Rooter employees performed work for her while on the clock for us. This means we never received any payment from the customer. When the job wasn't completed to her satisfaction, the customer then called us back expecting Roto- Rooter to take responsibility for it. We're not going to guarantee a job we didn't do. We regret that you conspired to circumvent the normal business process, but it is not our responsibility to fix a job that was not done on the books.

Customer response:

Victim blaming is not only about avoiding culpability, it's about avoiding vulnerability. The more innocent a victim, the more threatening to the victimizer.
In the 1960s, Dr. Melvin Lerner conducted a series of studies in which he found when participants observed another person receiving electric shocks and were unable to intervene, they began to derogate the victim. The more unfair and severe the suffering, the greater the derogation. Follow up studies found that a similar phenomenon occurs when people evaluate victims of car accidents, domestic violence, illness, and poverty. Research conducted by Dr. Janoff-Bulman suggests that victims sometimes even derogate themselves, locating the cause of their suffering in their own behavior, but not in their enduring characteristics, in an effort to make negative events seem more controllable and therefore more avoidable in the future.
Rather than apologize for, in the words of the happy-go-lucky Roto-Rooter receptionist, "our most capable and honest technician", who instead turned out to be a professional con artist, or a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true, Roto Rooter of Scranton and surrounding area including Wilkes-Barre, Stroudsburg and the Poconos, tricks Google places into thinking offices exist in defunct buildings, bodies of water and elsewhere, while blaming customer(s) for their hires.
"The customer conspired to circumvent the normal business process?"
A lán iomlán de Malarkey!

The following morning after losing a night's sleep over the frustration of being thrown into absolutely avoidable debt that I am paying back each and every month. It's feels very much like a punishment for Roto Rooter's failure to confront a situation helped a customer lose a grip on possibly having heat installed before yet another freezing winter. How could I have known that I would be deceived by such a "credible company"?

Further, never would there have been the necessity to write on an open forum had there been an iota of regard for what has taken place.
I called the customer service, the corporate office, media relations, and finally the contractor and franchise division who tried to mediate to no avail.
Instead I was told my complaint to the owner was an accusation without proof and then taunted to hire an attorney to begin the arduous and costly travail down civil court lane.
Such disregard was utterly painful.
Having lived without the use of water for 3.5 weeks in the heat of the summer and little heat last winter, I could never imagine someone who was described as the most honest employee taking advantage of an already difficult situation. Prior to agreeing to an appointment, I discussed with the receptionist how the contractor before had taken money and never returned and that I was not confident about having further work done.
She assured me that she was sending the most knowledgeable and honest technician.
I paid by check directly to Roto Rooter, as well as by check to the technician and take full responsibility for being gullible, but I also believe as a consumer who took the advice directly from a company that has been singing that song for the last 83 years, there should be some level of protection, and why I called in the first place.
All this writing has provided no relief at all.

Why not let the public form their own conclusion, or do you already know the answer. Having nearly been on the edge of losing a home, Roto Rooter has virtually sealed the deal.!
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Please take note of the Liquid Plumr recall from Clorox Co. Could be bad if kids get into the bottles. Check yours
Clorox is recalling Liquid Plumr clog remover because the lids are not child proof which poses a risk of chemical burns as well as skin and eye irritation.
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Continuing education never stops for Roto-Rooter plumbers. As plumbing codes change, so do techniques. #Service
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the roto rooter technician that came to my house yesterday did a fantastic job. I would recommend roto rooter to every one I know because of my experience yesterday
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Water leaks often hide beneath floors and slabs. We have the experience and equipment to find and fix those leaks
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Celebrate #National Junk Food Day - plumber style with these plumbing inspired candies called Sour Flush.
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Pokémon showing up in sewers now? Squirtle gave one of our sewer inspection technicians a scare today! #PokemonGO
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We know from our customers that plumbers are often considered heroes. After all, we come to the rescue a lot!
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Our plumbers don't just fix the problem, we try to explain it and tell our customers how to avoid future trouble
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Many homeowners had no idea the drain connected to their washing machine can clog - until it happens to them.
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Throwback Thursday! A 1980s Roto-Rooter van outside of Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. The stadium is gone now.#TBT
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